Buying vintage is one of the most sustainable ways to shop.

Our Rejuvenation Project Collective partner Emily Henderson is a longtime fan of our Rejuvenation Vintage Collection—she's also a talented interior designer and a skilled vintage shopper with years of experience and an expert eye for finding all the best pieces. After spending 20 years away from Oregon, Emily and her family are back in her hometown of Portland, renovating a 120-year-old farmhouse where vintage pieces play a major role. Recently, we sat down with Emily and asked her to tell us more about her love for vintage and share some advice for vintage shopping.


Our Project Collective partner, Emily Henderson, paid a special visit to our Rejuvenation Vintage warehouse in Portland, OR.

When did your passion for vintage shopping begin?

My passion really started while thrifting as a child. Back when you could fill a brown paper bag for $5 of mostly ‘old stuff’ but I quickly became drawn to anything ‘funky.’ Ever since then I’ve been attracted to the hunt. I love the history, the soul, the uniqueness and the personality of all-things vintage. It’s the fastest way to make your home interesting.

Our vintage offerings are refreshed weekly, with curated pieces handpicked and restored by the Rejuvenation Vintage team.

What are you searching for at the moment?

Right now, I’m looking for accent pieces like side tables and benches—not the major upholstered pieces, but vintage designs I can mix in with more contemporary furniture to make the room look like me.


Our in-house design team often takes inspiration from our vintage collection—which makes them perfect for mixing with vintage finds. Emily plans to do just that in her farmhouse remodel.

Is sustainability a factor in why you shop vintage?

I’m into antique and vintage for two main reasons: First, I want my home to feel unique and unrepeatable and second, I want my home to be more sustainable. Truly the most sustainable thing you can do is not buy more new things. There are vintage designs out there that check the same boxes and are better for the planet.

Incorporate vintage with the help of an expert eye—our Design Crew can help you find the right pieces to add to your home.

What is one of your top vintage shopping tips?

Whatever the vintage piece is, you must love the shape, not just the finish. You can usually change the finish, color, or fabric upholstery—but you can’t change the shape. On the other hand, if you love the shape and style, but hate the color or fabric, snag it. If you are willing to put in a little bit of work—customizing it to meet your needs—you’ll be able to have a piece you really love.

Project Tip: Customize the length of your antique pendants and chandeliers with the help of our expert craftspeople. If you see something you like online, reach out to our Rejuvenation Vintage team about adjusting the length at


Our Rejuvenation Vintage restoration team restores 3,000 vintage pieces a year—giving them a second life and keeping them out of landfills.

What draws you to Rejuvenation Vintage?

I love the online hunt for vintage, especially when I can’t go to a flea market in person. The Rejuvenation Vintage Collection is super well curated, it’s well priced, and there is a huge assortment with new arrivals weekly. It's like going to a flea market, but you can shop the collection while you are sitting on your sofa  watching Bridgerton. Plus, everything is fully restored, including the lighting, which is rewired and updated to today’s standards. I love knowing that everything is in good, working order for many more years to come.


Follow Emily's design journey as she redesigns a farmhouse for her family in Portland, Oregon.

We can’t wait to see your farmhouse. Can you share a little bit about the vintage pieces you picked out from our collection?

There's a vintage sconce that I fell in love with immediately. It has multiple finishes and materials (fabric, black, and brass) which ties in all the other hardwired fixtures that I have. It’s a great sculptural piece, plus it’s extendable and adjustable, making it highly functional. I also picked out a pendant light with a beautiful flat porcelain shade and special bulbs—I love how simple they are.

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