When it comes to finding the perfect finishing touch that ties your room together and completes your look—our collection of flatweave rugs delivers on quality, construction, and style. Thoughtfully designed and sustainably crafted, our rugs feature color palettes that will enhance your space and create a cohesive look throughout your home. From your entryway to your back patio, explore our variety of flatweave styles, and find sizes and patterns to suit every space.

Wool & Cotton

Expertly handcrafted in India at a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, our wool and cotton flatweave rugs are produced according to rigorous standards that protect farmers, workers, and the environment. Created in collaboration between Fair Trade artisans and our in-house design team, our flatweave collection features designs that range from brightly colored patterns to subtle textured styles, drawing on a range of inspirations. “Most of our more traditional rugs are inspired by Turkish styles—rounded out by geometric designs that lean more modern,” says Izzie McDonald from our Merchandising team.

Flatweave rugs are our first choice for busy areas like entryways, stairways, and kitchens.

Ideal for high-traffic areas inside your home, flatweave rugs feature a low pile and durable construction that traps less dust. Several rugs in our collection, including our popular Ramona Kilim Rug and Buckman Flatweave Rug, are treated with a high luster wash, giving the rug a silky sheen and longer-lasting durability. Eventually, these rugs achieve a natural worn patina—a coveted look that is commonly found in our Vintage Rug collection.

Project Tip: Many of our styles are reversible, offering versatility to keep your rug looking fresh for years to come.

Neutral colors are ideal for living rooms where your rug is the centerpiece—and are more likely to work with each design change in your home.

One of the many craft traditions that are highlighted in our collection is the kilim weaving technique. Similar to the way tapestries are made, kilims are created by highly skilled artisans—many of whom have been weaving their entire lives and have been given the title “Master Weaver” as a testament to their skills. The artisans tightly weave individual hand-dyed wool yarns over and under a base of cotton warp threads—row by row, and thread by thread. The result is a bright and bold flatweave rug, such as our bestselling Skyline Flatweave, uniquely handcrafted and made to last.


Artisans in India create each of our flatweave rugs by hand—preserving craft traditions that have been passed down for centuries.
Our team creates each design with our furniture, lighting and hardware finishes, and bedding collections in mind—so that you can build a cohesive look throughout your home.

Jute & Wool


Our Gawley rug gets a final trim to remove any stray threads and ensure lasting quality.

Known for their durability and long-lasting designs, our natural fiber rugs are crafted from a combination of sustainably sourced jute and wool. The dhurrie technique used to create these rugs uses a tight and small weave, ensuring a strong construction. From Turkish-inspired designs like our Clearwater Mauve Rug to the minimalist textures of our Hannavan Rug, each of our jute and wool flatweaves feature neutral, monochrome hues that complement any space.

Flatweave styles are the perfect option for busy households with pets, children, and plenty of guests.

Perfect for layering or simply adding a warm, natural look to your home, this collection is especially suited to high-traffic areas like entryways, laundry rooms, and dining areas. They can also add a beautiful touch to calming bedrooms and home offices.

Design Tip: Layer a neutral jute and wool flatweave on a bold solid rug to create contrast in large rooms.


Jute is a natural material derived from plants that creates a strong, durable fiber perfect for daily use.

Recycled Fiber

A great option for those who are allergic to wool, our Indoor/Outdoor rugs are crafted from 100% recycled materials and are GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard), offering a green alternative for textiles that requires less energy for production than standard polyester and reduces global waste. Each rug is woven with P.E.T. that is made from recycled water bottles, creating a fiber that is easy to clean and withstands exposure to moisture—making it the perfect addition to any bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or patio.

Project Tip: Make sure to pair your recycled fiber rug with a rug pad when using indoors to add grip on slippery surfaces like tile, linoleum, or wood.

Our Allison Indoor/Outdoor Rug adds soft, neutral textures to calming spaces, while customer favorites Risley and Myers Indoor/Outdoor Rugs add a burst of bright color to vibrant backyard retreats.

One reason why our P.E.T. rugs make excellent outdoor accents is how easy they are to clean—simply use a hose to rinse off any dirt or debris and let dry.

With a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures, rugs are the perfect finishing touch to complete your home. Learn more about which rugs work best in your home by booking a free session with our Design Crew. Get expert advice on rug design and more online, in-store, or in your home.

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