A rug can be a conversation-starter—an expression of your personality, just like the type of furniture and decor you add to your home. Defined by color and pattern, rugs are a great way to make a stylish statement—a finishing touch that adds texture and warmth to your entire space. The search for the right rug can sometimes feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re setting out to wrap up a small refresh or completely revamp your space, we’ll help guide you with some key points to help you find the perfect rugs for your home.

Rug Styles

From plush, hand-knotted designs to patterned flatweaves, our collection of area rugs is exclusively handwoven by skilled artisans and comes in a wide range of sizes and styles crafted using a variety of traditional techniques.

Project tip: Secure your runner down a staircase with our Finial Stair Rods.

Hand-knotted: Featuring intricate patterns made from individually tied knots, our hand-knotted rugs are the most labor-intensive style to create. Hand-knotted rugs can take up to three months to weave—each piece like a unique work of art. Hand-knotted rugs have a plush feel underfoot and provide a beautiful base for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Anchor your dining area with a patterned area rug large enough to comfortably fit your table and chairs.

Because each pixel in the design of a hand-knotted rug is created by a single knot, one rug can take up to three months to complete from start to finish. The knots per inch (KPI) of a rug indicates this level of craftsmanship; a higher KPI has a dense, more complex design and takes longer to make. Most of our hand-knotted rugs range between 45-48 KPI.

Our Adair Hand-Knotted Rug features a warm color palette and overtwisted wool construction, resulting in a softer rug with more texture and a comfortable, cushioned feel underfoot—perfect for living rooms and dining areas.

Intricate patterns can add an air of elegance and sophistication to any room. Our Adair Hand-Knotted Rug features 100% wool fibers sourced from Sardinia and is one of our most popular styles.

Flatweave: These low-pile rugs come in a variety of graphic colors and patterns. They are easy to clean and their flat, durable construction traps less dust—making flatweave rugs ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens and entryways.

Design tip: Rugs can be used to frame the space around your bed and nightstands—use a large area rug, or place two smaller runners along each side.

Some of our flatweave rugs are woven using a traditional kilim weaving technique: with an open-weave pattern created in the weft—where two colors meet without joining, leaving a gap in the fabric for added dimension.

Add an upbeat feel to your home office with a bold, graphic pattern like our Pollock Flatweave Rug.

Sustainable Styles: Our indoor/outdoor rugs are crafted from 100% recycled polyester (also known as P.E.T.), which is made from recycled plastic water bottles. How many plastic water bottles does it take to craft a single area rug? An 8x10 foot rug (80 square feet) is equal 659 one-liter bottles. Surprisingly soft yet durable, these rugs offer the best of both worlds and are easy to clean. If the rug you choose for your outdoor dining area gets dirty, all you need to do is simply hose it off. Our Myers Indoor/Outdoor Rug is easy to keep clean and adds color and pattern, plus it comes in five sizes to suit your space.

Our P.E.T. rugs are durable, easy to clean, and made of recycled plastic. What's not to love? Just hose down our Myers Indoor/Outdoor Rug to keep it looking its best.

Vintage: Thoughtfully sourced from every corner of the globe, each of our vintage rugs has a story of its own. With styles available in an array of color palettes, sizes, construction styles, and motifs that represent a wide range of stylistic eras and cultures—we professionally clean each rug to make sure it’s ready for another lifetime of enjoyment.

Color & Pattern

From vibrant kilims to plush, more intricate designs, we offer a range of styles and patterns to match any aesthetic. Smaller-scale patterns have a timeless feel, while brighter colors and bold, graphic patterns can speak more to current trends. If you're looking for a larger piece that acts as the anchor for a living room, a rug with a neutral tone is often best.

Jute fibers do well in high-traffic areas of the home, both indoors and out.

However, you don't have to shy away from color completely—rich tones and bold hues can read as a neutral in the overall space. For a bold, colorful look, consider large graphic designs or traditional patterns with modern hues. Our Kiel and Pollock Rugs highlight distinctive striped patterns and add a modern twist to more contemporary spaces, while our Alderwood Hand-Knotted Rug features an intricate, folk-inspired design that seamlessly blends in with the ambiance of a classic dining or living room. If you are hesitant to go bold, you can always opt for an interesting or colorful design on a smaller accent rug—many of our styles come in a range of sizes, including our Price and Risley Rugs, which feature a 2x3 foot size perfect for entryways.

Our geometric-patterned Risley Indoor/Outdoor Rug adds a subtle pop of color to any space.

Project Tip: To add visual interest and an inviting, curated feel in spacious rooms, try layering two rugs on top of one another. A large jute or abaca rug makes a great base layer, then add a rug with more personality on top. For a global-inspired aesthetic, flatweave kilims look great either alone or layered with a neutral rug.

Our Indoor/Outdoor rugs work best in shaded, covered areas, and draw the eye with their geometric patterns in neutral tones.

Texture & Style

Aside from bringing color and pattern into your space, rugs also add texture and character to any room. Rugs with a prominent weave or construction style, like hand-spun jute or hand-knotted wool add warmth and visual interest, and a timeless look when shown in neutral, nature-inspired hues.

Our Hand-Knotted Rug collection features timeless designs handcrafted in India using centuries-old techniques.

Deciding on the right texture and style also depends on your rug's placement within your home. Flatweave wool rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas, like hallways, living rooms, and kitchens. For a more luxurious option, consider a plush rug with a thicker pile in your bedroom, guest room, or sitting room.

Find the right rug for your space and shop our selection of rugs and one-of-a-kind vintage rugs for an heirloom-quality look.