From beautiful chandeliers to plush matelasse bedding, the bedroom is about creating a retreat with layers of relaxing light. The first decision to make when lighting a room: What kind of light do you need? Ceiling fixtures provide ambience, accent light illuminates those dark corners, and task light helps you read a book in bed or get ready at the vanity.

Each kind of light balances the natural light your space receives, which is why we offer several light fixture types for our top collections. See our guide to the three main types of light below to get started.

Overhead Light


Illuminate the room with an overhead light—consider a modern pendant or classic chandelier to make a statement. From flush-mounts to pendants, find the perfect option with our ceiling light selection.

Size & Scale
To determine the right size ceiling fixture, combine the width and length of your room in feet, then use that total in inches for the diameter of your light. For example a 10-by-12-foot bedroom should have a 22-inch diameter chandelier. When it comes to hanging height, try to keep at least 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the shade; however, if your light hangs directly above the foot of the bed, hanging it a bit lower will create a more intimate, cozy feel.

It's important to keep in mind the overall scale of your light fixture in relation to your space, that's why the fixture diameter provides an easy guiding point. The right width and overall size should feel balanced within the size of your room and the size of your bed.

See our guide to Ceiling Lighting for Your Whole House to get more information on customizable lights for every room.

Reading Light

Add function to your bedroom with task lighting. Wall sconces on either side of the bed provide ideal reading light; plus, wall sconces open up more room on your nightstand for your favorite books and essentials. Consider an articulating sconce for maximum movement and flexible light direction, or a more simple sconce for a classic, streamlined look.

The ideal height and placement of your bedside sconces will depend on your ceiling height, nightstand size, and bed height. The rule of thumb is for sconces to be between 5-6 feet from the floor and 8-10 feet apart. Since these measurements vary depending on your space, it's most important to mount the sconces where the bulb won't be visible from above or create glare while you're sitting upright in bed reading. Also be sure to leave room for any other room features, like nearby curtains or windows.

Plug-in sconces provide an easy way to customize your bedside lighting without special installation or electrical work. See our video below for how to install a plug-in sconce.

Design Consideration: For an elevated, modern twist, consider hanging two pendant lights from the ceiling over your nightstands, on either side of your bed. Choose a design with a slimmer profile that won’t crowd your space, like our Paige Pendant or Abigail Cone or Ball Pendant. Our customizable pendants make it easy to select the ideal hanging length. We recommend the distance between your bedroom floor and the bottom of the shade be at least 60 to 72 inches, and at least 30 inches from the surface of the nightstand to the bottom of the shade. We offer several pendant styles including options with articulating shades, that are ideal for bedside task lighting.

Keep in mind the shade on your sconce will also determine the type of light it emits; a dark shade will direct light downward, which is ideal for reading. If you're looking for a reading light that doubles as more ambient accent light, opt for a lighter shade. Choose from our variety of hardwired and plug-in sconces.

Accent Light

Design by @barbaravaildesign, photo by @nicolebass

Create a relaxing ambience with several lamps throughout the room, whether it's a table lamp on the dresser or a floor lamp in the corner. If you're adding lighting to a larger master suite, accent lighting is key. Accent lights typically feature a lower wattage than overhead lights for more subtle illumination. Create a cozy reading nook with a plush armchair and modern table lamp, or add a floor lamp to illuminate and fill an empty corner. Shop our versatile selection of floor and table lamps to get started.

Size & Scale
Similar to overhead lighting, choosing the right size and scale for your accent lighting is key. Avoid overwhelming your space with too much lighting, or lighting that's the wrong size. If you're using two table lamps as your bedside lights, they should be around a 1/3 of the width of your nightstand and not too much taller than your headboard. While larger master bedrooms can benefit from an overhead light, bedside lights, and a floor lamp, smaller rooms might only need an overhead light and two bedside lights for ample illumination.

Find the right light for your space with our heirloom-quality lighting, available in a range of finishes and styles.