Rejuvenation was founded in 1977 in Portland, Oregon as an architectural salvage, lighting, and hardware restoration shop. Reclaiming vintage pieces is how we began, and it's still at the core of our business and a big part of how we are moving into the future—we believe that buying vintage is one of the most sustainable ways to shop.

Our vintage buyers scour the globe to source the best pieces for our Rejuvenation Vintage Collection. They bring these one-of-a-kind finds back to the restoration shop at our factory in Portland, where our team of expert craftspeople rewire antique lighting and refinish cabinets—carefully and authentically bringing each piece back to life. “We’re proud to embrace our role as a trusted resource for designers and aesthetically-driven shoppers—we are always on the lookout for the eye-catching statement piece or the perfect complement to an eclectically designed space,” says Jordan Jordan, Buying Manager for the Rejuvenation Vintage team.

Each piece in our vintage collection is carefully selected to create an archive of pieces that pair with our original lighting, hardware, and furniture designs—to create a considered look throughout your home.

When it comes to sourcing products, Jordan says, “There is a short list of qualities we look for in every item we consider: authenticity, quality, and visual interest. We strive to maintain a diverse assortment representing a range of time periods and design aesthetics, sourcing and restoring everything from Victorian converted gas chandeliers and bentwood parlor tables—to modern chrome and lucite designs by Gaetano Sciolari and Robert Sonneman.”

Our Portland restoration studio restores 3,000+ antique and vintage pieces a year—reducing waste and keeping them out of landfills.

Every antique light we offer is disassembled and cleaned—then rewired when necessary. We strive to use all original parts and components, but if an original part is damaged or missing, our restoration experts source similar parts from the same time period to substitute. When renewing finishes on lighting and hardware, we coat them in a layer of clear lacquer to preserve the finish, seal off any lead content, and keep the patina looking just right.


We maintain an archive of antique and vintage lighting shades to pair with our found fixtures.

Our collection of vintage furniture includes high quality solid wood and upholstered pieces that our team thoughtfuly restores in our woodshop—taking special care to preserve the original finishes of the wood in order to maintain the character and authenticity of each piece. Our team also carefully evaluates each piece to determine if new cushions and upholstery are needed. The original upholstery is then either restored or replaced with premium quality new fabrics that speaks to the period and style of the piece. Most of our upholstered vintage furniture also receive new foam cushions for added comfort.

“For pieces where the cushion material is a unique feature or essential to the authenticity of the piece, we try to keep the original,” explains Jordan.

In addition to lighting and furniture, our Rejuvenation Vintage Collection includes a wide variety of unique vintage finds, from neon signs and vintage rugs to Turkish terra cotta jars and classic framed mirrors. In our frame shop, our restoration team focuses on repairing and restoring original artwork, preserving as much as possible and reframing when necessary.

Each week, our assortment of vintage lighting, hardware, furniture, and decor is updated with a freshly curated selection. Whether you’re looking for Classical Revival accent lighting, or a special piece of furniture to highlight your Mid-Century Modern home, browse Rejuvenation Vintage for authentically restored antique and vintage gems that will add to the story of your home and that you will enjoy for years to come.

Discover how pieces from our Rejuvenation Vintage Collection can fit into your home—book a session with our Design Crew to start planning your space.

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