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5 Questions: Easy Updates from Our Decor Expert

As the In-Home Design Specialist for our flagship store in Portland, Oregon, we asked Darren Campbell to share his top tips for updating your space. Whether it's a simple hardware change or a new set of accent pillows, creating a fresh look only takes a few minutes. See Darren's design »

Choosing an Exterior Door Set

We all aspire to a certain degree of curb appeal, which can be done with grand strokes like yard work and a fresh coat of house paint, but it's also achieved in the details, like a new doorbell button - or exterior door set. It's fun to pick the style »

Choosing an Interior Door Set

We've spent years saying hardware is like jewelry for your home. No place is this as evident as your interior door set. Though often overlooked, the right door set can add an air of thoughtful deliberation, tying in or artfully contrasting fixture finishes and textures from your rooms. Picking a »

A Brief History of Bentwood Furniture

While bentwood furniture seems sleek and modern, its origins are decidedly 19th century. We offer a wide ranging collection of new and antique bentwood seating, dating from the 1870s to today. All of our bentwood furniture comes right from the source, with roots in the centuries-old tradition of steam-bent, laminated »

Quick Fixes: Swap Your Shades

Want to change the look of your space without the hassle—and budget—of an extensive remodel? Think about swapping out the shades on your already existing lighting fixtures. A quick update you can easily DIY, changing out existing shades for a something bold and new ushers in an up-to-date »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Fresh Picks from the Fields

Our Antique & Vintage buyers travel all over the country, sounding out the most unique relics of American art and architectural history. When you’re on the road the days are long, but the rewards are plentiful. Recent searches have turned up finds in all of our favorite categories. From »

Mourne Irish Tweed: Mid-Century, Modern

Since 1954, Mourne has hand-woven updated takes on traditional Irish textiles. Our collection features Irish tweed pillows and throws. Mourne Textiles took Ireland by storm in the 1960s, when a Norwegian fabric designer, Gerd Hay-Edie, took a fresh look at traditional Irish weaving techniques. Mourne’s Mended Tweed became the »

Antiques & Vintage Spotlight: Porcelain Alabax Light Fixtures

The Pass & Seymour Inc. line of Alabax lighting promised a fixture that would not tarnish, rust or stain -- because it was made entirely of porcelain. Porcelain light fixtures first rose in prominence during the late 1920s. Their "sanitary" character, easy styling, range of colors, low costs, »

Choosing The Perfect Light For Your Bedroom

All too often, the overhead lighting in a bedroom is ugly, functional, and ignored. But the perfect light ties together the look of your room, and is a finishing detail that can transform your space. One bedroom; two looks. The crisp combination of black porcelain and opalescent glass of the »

Why Choose Percale Sheets?

Your bedroom should be more than just a room with a bed - it's your cozy retreat from the cares of the day. And while we've been outfitting your space with lighting, lamps, and hardware for four decades, bedding is new to us. When we went looking for the best »

Portland-Crafted Lighting for Bedrooms and Beyond

Transform any bedroom or living space with the glow of the perfect light. Expertly crafted in Portland in collaboration with renowned designers, our latest lighting standouts help any room shine. Pigeon Toe, owned by ceramicist and ever-evolving artist Lisa Jones, is nestled in the heart of North Portland. Jones works »