Whether you’re building a serene en-suite retreat or a communal family bath, choosing the right bath hardware will not only help create a beautiful space, but it will also play a major role in how it functions. That’s why it’s important to invest in the right pieces that are built to stand up to daily wear and tear. From solid brass faucets to expertly crafted mirrors, all of our hardware is designed to last for years to come.

To help you find the right bath hardware, start by considering how your bathroom is currently used. This will help you decide where your hardware needs to go and what type of hardware will best accommodate your space.

Types of Hardware and Mirrors

A well-planned bathroom makes your daily routine easier, so take note of how you and your family are using the space. Consider the size of your bath, how many people will be using it, and what everyone will need in terms of accessibility and storage. These details will help inform your hardware options.

Hooks & Shelving: You can never go wrong with adding more hooks or shelving because they save space and easily increase the surface area of your bathroom. Hooks can be used to hang a wide variety of things, from towels to robes. Plus, it's much easier for kids to hang a towel on a hook, rather than having to fold one on a towel rack.

Towel Bar, Rings & Toilet Paper Holders: Towel bars and rings can be added in multiples depending on the size of your bath and household. Our bath collections are designed to coordinate with our lighting and plumbing collections so every detail can match the overall aesthetic of your space.

Knobs & Pulls: Knobs and pulls add a decorative touch to your vanity or built-in storage and are an easy, budget-friendly update that can instantly transform your look. Our selection of vanities include different cabinet hardware options to choose from.

Mirrors: Make getting ready in the morning easier with one of our beautifully crafted mirrors. With a variety of finishes, sizes, and shapes available, find the right bath mirror for your space. A mirror can add depth, and make your space feel larger and brighter with reflective light. Choose from our best-selling solid brass metal mirrors or pivot mirrors for added functionality—all available in finishes that match our lighting and hardware collections.

In Praise of Plumbing

Plumbing: From shower sets to bath faucets, we have a variety of plumbing solutions that add a decorative touch to your bath. High-quality plumbing not only adds a timeless look—think shower sets, supply lines, drains, and levers—it can also save you from the inconveniences of lower-quality plumbing systems. For example, small leaks in your plumbing can cause a great amount of water damage, or if your metal pipe is prone to leakage, it can contaminate your drinking water with rust or lead. We partner with industry leaders like Watermark, a plumbing mainstay of Brooklyn, New York for more than 30 years, to create with high-quality solid brass fixtures that are made to last.

Shower Sets: Designed for long-lasting functionality, our solid brass shower sets come in a range of styles and finishes. A thermostatic shower set offers an optimal shower experience by sensing and controlling the water temperature with two handles: one to control water flow and one for adjusting the temperature.

Once you set your ideal temperature, the water will be at your preferred setting every time you turn on the shower. This is a great way to save time, money, and reduce your carbon footprint because you won’t need to wait for the water to warm up. Learn more about our shower sets from our Guide to Shower Sets & Shower Heads.

Faucets: Our solid brass faucets are designed to last. Solid brass will not chip or rust and provides an ideal base for a variety of finish options—ensuring that your bathroom will stay beautiful for years to come.

Project Tip: Research your state’s plumbing codes before starting your remodel. Code violations can happen when there isn’t enough clearance around certain fixtures, or if you forget to ventilate your bathroom properly with a ceiling fan. Work with your plumber or contractor to ensure your bathroom is up to code. And if you’re purchasing your sink and vanity separately, make sure your vanity is equipped with enough room for plumbing.

Choose Quality Materials

Solid Brass: As one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, the bathroom is where you’ll want to invest in high quality material choices.  Unlike aluminum and plated steel, solid brass won’t rust or corrode with exposure to water and moisture and it is quality you can feel.

How to Choose Finishes

Matching the finishes in your bath creates a cohesive look, while mixing finishes can add a more eclectic look. Either approach is beautiful, but keep in mind, it’s a design consideration that will define the look and feel of your bath.

Coordinated Finishes

We recommend matching all your plumbing fixtures to other details in the same line of sight. For example, matching your faucet, cabinet hardware, and mirror (since they are so close together), is more aesthetically pleasing.

All of our finishes coordinate across our lighting, hardware, and plumbing. Choose our Tolson Collection or York Collection in Oil-Rubbed Bronze for a more sophisticated, industrial-inspired look. Or opt for the gold-tones and updated vintage-inspired design of our Blair Collection or West Slope Collection in Aged Brass. Both are top-selling choices that are available with matching lighting collections.

Mixed Finishes

Mixing metal finishes can be a fun way to add in different textures or styles throughout your bath. To keep your space from feeling too busy, we recommend mixing no more than two finishes and choosing the same luster, such as brushed or polished.

For a cool and sleek timeless look that is easy to clean, Polished Chrome is a great option. Unlacquered Brass has a shiny, vintage-inspired gold tone and is considered a living finish, which means it will gradually age and develop a character-rich patina over time. Many of our light fixtures can be customized with the same finishes to coordinate.

Project Tip: Your powder room is the perfect place to add personality. Try adding a vintage mirror from our Antiques & Vintage Collection accented by hardware in a different finish.

Get started on your bath project and explore our selection of bath hardware—plus, learn more about our finishes and order finish sample chips here.