How to Measure for a Dining Table

While most dining rooms are still the ideal spot to enjoy a meal, this multifunctional space can host a range of other activities. Whether yours has become a spot for homework or your latest hobby, create a strong foundation with a sturdy, handcrafted dining table. From figuring out a small »

How to Choose Bath Hardware

Whether you’re building a serene en-suite retreat or a communal family bath, choosing the right bath hardware will not only help create a beautiful space, but it will also play a major role in how it functions. That’s why it’s important to invest in the right pieces »

How to Choose A Light Bulb

No light fixture is complete without the right light bulb. Light bulbs are a functional part of your fixture—and choosing the right bulb is important to creating the perfect, balanced ambience in your space. Ensure that you’re creating a place that will make your friends and family feel »

Our Modern Sfera Pendants at Portland’s New Event Space

You’ll find our handcrafted, modern Sfera pendants hanging in Portland’s new multipurpose gathering space—Fora. The space was curated by decorated chef Joshua McFadden, the force behind highly successful Portland restaurants Ava Gene’s, Tusk, and the entire Submarine Hospitality group. He garnered his success from food that »

User Content Terms & Conditions

Hello there! You probably found this page because we requested additional rights in sharing your photo across our channels. We love how you are using Rejuvenation pieces in your own space, and we want to share with others who will be equally inspired. We regularly reach out to customers to »

Together We Can Make a Difference

Sustainability has been in our DNA since we opened our doors in 1977. In fact, the very idea of our stores was born from the spirit of re-use. When founder Jim Kelly began restoring beautiful, long abandoned Portland homes he realized that the quality of the lights and hardware found »

Our Take On Green: Rejuvenation Vintage

Ever on the hunt for one-of-a-kind antique treasures and rare vintage pieces, our team travels America searching for lighting, hardware, furniture, and other historically significant pieces that stand the test of time. Salvaged from large antique shows, estate sales, and a handful of pickers across the country, pieces are revived »