Find the right setup for your shower with our guide to shower heads and shower sets. From water pressure to finishes, we ensure all of our bathroom plumbing is made to last. We've partnered with Brooklyn-based plumbing company Watermark to offer quality bath faucets and shower sets. Our shower sets and shower heads are sold separately, so you can create a customized solution for your bath. See our guide below to get started.

Shower Sets

Our standard shower sets consist of two main pieces: a shower arm and a knob or lever control panel. We also offer several options that include a handshower and/or a tub faucet. When you're shopping for a shower set, you'll notice a price and function difference between the two main types: thermostatic and pressure-balanced.

Thermostatic Shower Sets

Our thermostatic shower sets offer a luxury shower experience with optimal water temperature, water flow, and energy-savings. The main distinction is a thermostatic valve senses and controls the actual water temperature, while a pressure-balanced valve senses and controls only the ratio of hot water to cold. Thermostatic sets have two handles: one to control water flow and one for adjusting the water temperature. Once you set your ideal temperature, the water will be at your preferred setting each time your turn on the shower.

Both our thermostatic and pressure-balanced sets are crafted with a valve set to a maximum water temperature, which prevents scalding. No toilet flush or washing machine kicking on will affect the water temperature while showering.

Pressure Balanced

As the more standard option, our pressure-balanced shower sets allow you to control both the water flow and temperature through a single knob. These sets are pressure-balanced via an internal sliding disc that reacts to changes in water pressure and adjusts the flow of hot and cold water to keep a set temperature.

Shower Heads

Our shower heads are sold separately, which means you can pair the style of your choice with any of our shower sets (just check the width of the shower arm in your set—the standard is 1/2-inch). Choose from a range of versatile finishes that match the rest of our bath plumbing, hardware, and lighting collections. For most of our plumbing, we partnered with Watermark, a Brooklyn-based factory. They've been assembling and finishing all their bath plumbing parts in America using domestic and imported parts for over half a century.

Flow Rate

When looking at shower heads, it's important to consider the flow rate—also known as gallons per minute (GPM). Most modern shower heads have a flow rate less than 2.5 GPM (when at a standard water pressure of 80 psi) for ideal efficiency and water conservation. We offer shower heads with a range of options, from 2 GPM to water-saving 1.8 GPM.

Flow Style

Rainfall: Our Round and Square Shower Heads feature spaced out jets with a medium water flow, creating a relaxing rainfall effect. This style is ideal for taller shower spaces.

Jets: We offer shower heads with several jet options, each carefully engineered to ensure no streams of water cross. These shower heads offer the option to customize your shower experience, from relaxing rain to intense spray.

Shop our versatile shower sets and shower heads for a luxurious addition to your bath.