Adding color and pattern to your space is one of the best ways to kickstart any seasonal refresh. With an abundance of choices from sophisticated rich Italian velvets, to cozy, nubby wool styles—throw pillows are a fun and easy way to set the mood for any living space. We sat down with one of our favorite style experts, our very own Director of Photography and Art Direction, Meghan Guthrie, for some tips and inspiration on how to style throw pillows.


Tip 1: Define Your Palette

It doesn’t matter whether you go for warm or cool colors, but once you settle on an overall color palette, choose an accent color to make the entire room come alive. I love the subtle sage color of our Mint Velvet from our Italian Velvet Collection. It can really help create a sophisticated holiday palette.

Tip 2: Embrace Pattern

Once you choose your palette, start thinking about patterns. You always want to think about mixing elements—and patterns belong everywhere. I love our William Morris Collection. They add a sense of nature and they have a rich history. They also work so well together or when paired with our rich, solid color Italian Velvet Collection for contrast. My favorites are Strawberry Thief in Indigo & Mineral and Brer Rabbit, which I just bought as a gift for my mother.

Tip 3: Add Texture

Think Cozy: For fall and winter, it’s easy to add texture to your space by adding textural pillows and throws. I love the contrast you get from mixing our smooth Italian leather pillows with our Chunky Wool style to get this look.

Tip 4: Mix Size & Scale

Choose your pillow arrangement based on the size and scale of your sofa. A larger sofa can take a fuller look, while with a smaller sofa you’ll only want to use four-five pillows at the most. Always arrange your pillows in odd numbers, even numbers look too stiff and symmetrical.

Tip 5: Update Each Season

Change out your pillow arrangement each season, it’s such an easy way to refresh your look. Swap out the leather and velvet and substitute something light and airy like our Woven Cotten Striped Pillow Cover, our Plaid Handspun Raw Silk Pillow Cover, or our handcrafted Pieced Silk Pillow Covers in lighter colors for spring/summer.

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