Good design leaves a lasting impression—and that’s exactly what the iconic designs of William Morris have done for past 160 years. One of the most important designers of the 19th century and a pivotal figure in the British Arts and Crafts Movement, Morris’ designs famously depict repetitive patterns of flora and fauna. Patterns that have continued to be relevant and captivate today, as we celebrate 160 years of the iconic British brand.

Morris founded his home furnishings and textile company Morris & Co. in 1861. At a time when industrialization was rapidly taking over Victorian society, Morris championed the decorative and fine arts through handmade production, producing highly embellished and beautiful tapestries, fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, and even stained-glass windows—helping to preserve the future of handcraft in the process.

Crafted from high-quality cotton, the whimsical Strawberry Thief design dates back to 1883. With a folk-inspired scene depicting a pair of sly birds pecking away at strawberries, this design is filled with lush plants and comes in four color combinations.

We believe that quality craftsmanship gives interiors a timeless look. Our curated assortment of Morris’ most popular nature-inspired designs are perfect for a quick, whimsical refresh around your home or as unique gifts that will stay in style for years to come. Whether it’s a holiday or housewarming, classic decorative pieces always make a great gift idea—and pillows are an easy option.

Several of our Morris pillow cover designs are inspired by the countryside—each one of them dreamy, bucolic, and maximalist in the best way. Purely botanical-inspired patterns like Morris’ Snakeshead, Blackthorn, or Manilla and Bayleaf work perfectly on pillows and add dimension and texture when styled with warm, soft velvets and luxurious, woven wool throws.

The repeated pattern of Brer Rabbit originates from a 17th century Italian silk and was registered as a design by Morris in 1882. Showcasing dense foliage, if you look closely, you can see  folk-inspired rabbits and birds nestled between the leaves and tendrils.

Our William Morris print wallpaper is an excellent way to quickly refresh your space with a character-filled statement. You don’t even need to cover the entire room—creating an accent wall is a great place to start. Morris’ Pure Acorn design features a subtle interpretation of acorn branches. Made in the United Kingdom, this plant-inspired design dates back to 1879 and adds an understated look to entryways, powder rooms—or even dining rooms. Morris' classic mix of flora and fauna, Strawberry Thief comes in wallpaper form, too.

Explore our line of William Morris designs to get started on your collection. If you need help deciding on the right designs for your space, our Design Crew is always here to help.