From single bulb pendants to multi-tiered chandeliers, lighting plays a huge role in the aesthetic and ambience of our homes. As the days get shorter, we find not only does light serve a functional purpose, but shade design, materials, and positioning make all the difference. We sat down with our Creative Director, Evan Dublin, to learn about upcoming lighting trends and how to make timeless lighting choices—he even shares a few of his favorite styles from our new collection.


We’re seeing designers, stylists, and interior designers being more and more innovative with scale, mixing materials and techniques—and being more playful overall. They're filling spaces artfully, in a sculptural three-dimensional way. Simultaneously, we’re also seeing the opposite of that, with designers using more of a natural, material-centric, minimalist, or functionalist point of view.

Our Greenwich chandelier features glass shades nestled into opal or hand-carved alabaster bowls.

How can lighting impact the mood of a space?

Whether you’re trying to match the time period of your home or just layering in ambience—good lighting can elevate your space and bring joy to everyday tasks.

My personal pet peeve is when rooms are too brightly lit. Lighting should be evenly dispersed throughout and take into consideration adjacent rooms and windows—I highly recommend always adding a dimmer.

Adding multiple pendants across your kitchen island evenly distributes light to all areas of your workspace.

"Good lighting can elevate your space and bring joy to everyday tasks."

The detail on our Ormandy pendants showcases our expert craftsmanship.

What kind of lighting do you think most homes are missing?

Aesthetically, I think many homes are missing their statement piece, something that adds a sculptural, artistic element to their home—something they can be proud to talk about and that reflects their personality.

Our fall 2021 collection features are wide range of styles—tell us about a few of your favorites.

I love all of our new launches. It takes 14 months to design, develop and launch a new lighting collection so by the time it comes to fruition, all bets are in. My favorite of the season is Donnelly, it’s a bit more understated than other new styles this season, but there’s a simple elegance to the design. It’s a beautiful bathroom fixture that’s really all about the shape and the curved, angled glass. The design was inspired by art deco theater lighting, but we’ve simplified the look; stripping back all of the details and bringing it into the present, giving as much attention to the glass as possible.

Our Donnelly sconces are wet and damp-rated—perfect for baths and outdoor spaces.

Another standout for me for the season is Blaine. Its shape and profile are a nod to Mid-Century 1960s styles, but updated in a unique way. It’s a play of mixed materials with a glass shade that supports an elegant, angled metal shade—casting a warm glow both above and below the fixture. Blaine gives off a beautiful all-around glow and can fit into many spaces.

Our elegant Blaine Pendants pair a glass domed shade with a metal angled shade above for a warm glow both above and below the fixture.

Brass has been trending for a few years now, but I always love the warmth that it gives a space. I also personally love unlacquered brass and embrace the fact that it’s a living finish that will age and develop a patina over time. I love a space with natural, rich materials that evolve and get better with use and time.

Brass finishes add warmth to any space.

How do color and lighting selection go hand-in-hand when planning your space?

Lighting and color both add to the ambience of a space. You can work to build a mood by layering materials, colors, and finishes, then decide if you want your space to have a singular coherent feel or to showcase varied pops and accents. Personally, I like to take a more natural, harmonious approach to design—layering materials and finishes with color. For example, I love the way our unlacquered brass finish looks next to white oak wood set against the backdrop of neutral shades from Sherwin-Williams, like Greek Villa or Clary Sage.

Brings accent light and ambiance to your bedside with our Audrey table lamps and Conifer flush mount.

Lighting and hardware finishes: Mixing or matching?

Always mixing! Always mixing metals, mixing woods, mixing fabrics, textiles—and finishes. But there needs to be a strategy, an eye to balance the mix.

Our Hood Classic Pendant has a mixed finish option—allowing you to carry your choice of finishes throughout the rest of your space.

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