It’s no secret that hardware is like jewelry for the home—the perfect finishing touch that lends an elevated look to your room. And while there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right hardware, the biggest question we get is when to mix and when to match hardware finishes. Truth be told, it’s a delicate dance deciphering which route is right for your space, but we’re here to help make the case that both options can work well in any home, of any style. With eleven Rejuvenation exclusive hardware finishes to choose from, we’ve rounded up our rules for how and where to mix and match hardware finishes.

Mixing Hardware Finishes

Let’s kick off with mixing finishes. The first thing to know is that the bigger the room, the better the opportunity to mix finishes. Considering all the elements in the room—including lighting, plumbing, wood furniture, and paint colors—you can visually divide up the space to play with finishes.

Best Rooms to Mix Finishes

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Connected spaces like an open-plan kitchen and dining room
  • Large Bathrooms
Larger bathrooms are a great spot in your home to experiment and play with finishes without making your space feel overwhelmed.

Best Practices for Mixing Finishes

We love mixing finishes because it gives spaces longevity—and a more collected feel. Whether you’re simply swapping out old hardware this weekend or planning a complete renovation, here’s some quick tips for mixing finishes:

  • For a larger space, only use two to three finishes. Choose a base metal finish to set the tone of the room then accent it with your secondary and tertiary finishes.
  • Choose a focal point that draws the eye. For example, in a kitchen, your focal point may be kitchen island pendants or a beautiful faucet. Whatever your focal point is, make that your dominant (or favorite) finish.
  • Match your hardware and plumbing—these are smaller, high-touch elements of your space but they make a big visual impact. Choose a complementary finish for your lighting.
  • Avoid mixing sheens within the same finish (for example, Polished Nickel and Brushed Nickel). Instead, opt for at least two contrasting finishes in different sheens, like Oil-Rubbed Bronze with Lacquered Brass or Polished Chrome.
  • Take note of undertones: warm versus cool. Warmer undertones, like brass, copper, and nickel, can bring out the beauty of darker wood finishes. Chrome and bronze have cooler undertones and offer a more contemporary take.
Mix finishes directly into your lighting—our Endicot and Hood collections offer custom finish options for your shade and fixture.

Matching Hardware Finishes

Smaller spaces are great for matching finishes—although of course you can always match in larger spaces, too. In a powder room or laundry room, the line of sight is more compact, and with multiple finishes, can appear visually cluttered. If you find a finish you absolutely love, there’s no harm in making it a major theme throughout your space.

Our Aged Brass finish is one of our most popular finishes to match across collections, and add a timeless statement to any room.

Best Rooms to Match Finishes

  • Powder rooms and smaller bathrooms
  • Laundry room, mudroom, or other utility spaces
  • Front porch and other outdoor areas
Match finishes across your lighting and outdoor hardware to add instant curb appeal to your front porch.

Best Practices for Matching Finishes

Matching finishes may seem fool-proof, but here’s a couple tips to keep in mind:

  • Stick with the same sheen. Just like with mixing finishes, avoid mixing different sheens.
  • Observe your finish of choice in all types of light. Test it out with finish samples to make your decision easier.
  • Items like switch plates, hardware backplates, door knobs, hooks, and shelving contribute to the overall look of the space, so consider every detail.
  • Don’t forget style. If one finish is all you need, choose a hardware collection that captures the vibe of your home. For bathrooms, our bath hardware collections are designed to match or coordinate with lighting suites. Plus, all our outdoor hardware is available in our signature finishes—talk about curb appeal.
Create a cohesive design by pairing matching finishes, wood types, and accent colors in your room.

Still have questions about mixing and matching finishes? Our Design Crew is always here to help. Book an appointment that works for your project and schedule—choose virtual, in-store, or in-home.