We offer outdoor lights for every space, from directional lights for garden features to options for outdoor pathways. Our solid metal path lights come in an array of styles, sizes, and up to two finishes: bronze and copper. Every light is wet-rated for versatile outdoor placement, complete with an integrated LED light for long-lasting use.

You can buy the lights individually or we also offer sets with a 175-watt transformer and 250 feet of wire. Find the right style and type of path light for your outdoor space.

Choose the Right Function

Directional uplight: These lights direct the light upward at an angle, which is ideal for illuminating a tree, exterior wall, or garden feature.

Directional downlight: These lights project light downward for a pathway, providing both ambiance and targeted light.  

Ambient light: Somewhere in the middle, these lights might feature more decorative shades or send light outward horizontally, making them a versatile option for adding ambiance to a garden feature or seating area.

Post lights: Our best-selling Carson light comes in several post light styles, designed to make a visual statement and provide bright light above a front entrance or driveway. Choose between 8', 10', or 12' post light poles to suit your space.

Find Out How Many Lights You Need

General path or ambient lights should be spaced 6 to 8 feet apart. To highlight a special area like a tree or garden structure, use 1-3 lights around the feature.

Upgrade your exterior with quality designs that are made to last. Our path lights will stand the test of time—shop our selection to get started. Then, complete your space with an outdoor speaker for your seating area or a post light for your driveway.