Once the largest building in the City by the Bay, the Flood Building is one of its best-known landmarks and the distinctive home to businesses of all kinds.

A microcosm of San Francisco, the landmark has over 250 diverse tenants from all over the globe. In addition to the flagship stores for Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie, it houses several Consulates and non-profit organizations. The Flood Building has been a center for San Francisco business for over 100 years.

Although sites like this add to a city’s historical and intrinsic relevance, many tend to be stuck in the past. Lack of updates throughout the years start to not only date them but drain on efficiency, productivity, and the environment.

As lighting experts, we helped the Flood Building evolve to fit the needs of its burgeoning businesses. Lights were last updated in the early 90s, which might not seem like that long ago; but factor in the energy and maintenance cost of the 1,400 fixtures we updated to LED across 10 floors, and it starts to add up.

LED lighting costs more up front, but the energy and monetary savings as a result of this relatively simple update are unparalleled. As companies push to become more environmentally responsible, buildings that house them need to adapt and share this ideology.

With over 25% savings in operational cost, the Flood Building’s LED investment will pay for itself in 3 years. They’ll also save 409 man-hours of yearly maintenance and enough electricity to power 67 US homes annually. Aside from the financial benefit, switching to LED lighting did its part to help the City ecologically. With our updates, 230 ballast and 1,150 fluorescent bulbs per year will be saved from E-waste.

Our purpose is to preserve the past while looking toward the future. Rejuvenation was built on architectural salvage, and we have an obligation to landmarks like this one. By allowing for an essential update while maintaining its overall aesthetic integrity, the Flood Building can continue to be a bustling business hub for decades to come.

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