When planning lighting for your work space, keep two things in mind: general lighting and task lighting.

General lighting is accomplished by windows—if you're lucky—and overhead fixtures. The job of these sources is to fill the space with light. Something simple and bright can do the job, but don't be scared to be bold with a flush chandelier.

An office is defined by its task lighting. Consider your work spaces, and pick focused light for your surface. Look for opaque shades to focus and direct the light, and utilize articulating sconces that move and angle to suit your needs.

Not all of us have a spot for a hardwired wall sconce—which is why we created plug-in versions of our most popular hardwired fixtures. They can be placed wherever you need them.

Task lamps are the easiest choice to move around or swap in and out, but finding one that coordinates with your design can really complete your space. And keep looking for those opaque shades. Your overhead light is doing the general lighting lifting, while your lamp should be directed at your work.

A number of desks in Rejuvenation's office feature Anglepoise lamps, and it's clear why. It's a carefully designed, perfectly balanced exercise in articulation. Available as a plug-in wall sconce, desk clamp, and floor lamp in addition to a top of table lamp, it has a profile to suit every purpose.

Browse our lighting collection at rejuvenation.com and find just what your office is looking for.