Functional spaces like your laundry room, closet, and entryway are some of the hardest working areas of your home. It can be easy for these places to feel overlooked and overwhelmed with clutter during day-to-day errands and tasks. However, with the right lighting and hardware it’s easy to create a space that not only works for your needs but also feels beautiful and elevated.


Your entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home and it's the first room guests see upon entering. We have welcoming accents that make it easy to showcase your unique style and streamline the function of your entryway.

Entry Design Considerations:

-   Coordinate the finish on your hooks and door hardware with your lighting to create cohesion throughout the space. Our hooks come in 7 different finish options that are designed to match our hardware, lighting, and more.

-   For a quick update, add a rug to guide your guests into the rest of your home. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate color and texture for a sense of welcome. A runner rug will quickly add a walkway into the rest of your home—we have a range of sizes and lengths to suit your space.

-   If you have built-ins or a bench with a lower shelf near your entryway, place a set of baskets beneath for easy storage. This allows you to store shoes, hats, scarves, and any other items you don’t want displayed but may still need to use day-to-day.


As a transition from outside to inside, the mudroom is a space that serves multiple functions. Whether it's your place to leave garden boots and rain-soaked jacket or wash the dog, keep yours looking fresh and organized with storage that's beautiful and functional.

Mudroom Design Considerations:

-   Shelving instantly adds surface area to any space and is an easy way to store items that you don’t mind being displayed. If you do have items that aren't ideal for display, simply place small baskets on top of your shelf to corral everything. Our shelving comes in a variety of options. Choose between 2 shelf depths and multiple lengths, 4 wood finishes, and up to 4 bracket finishes.

-   Adding a rug or two can help give this often utilitarian space some personality. Our flatweave rugs feature durable construction that traps less dust, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Consider one of our indoor/outdoor PET flatweave rugs, which can be hosed off outside for easy cleaning.

-   If your mudroom doubles as an entryway, create a personal area for each family member to keep things organized. These can be defined using built-ins, baskets, or a designated shelf, and can be useful for busy mornings when there isn’t time to search for everyone's belongings.

Master Closet

Having a well-organized master closet will help start your day off right. Instead of searching for your favorite shirt hidden under a pile of clothes, you can put that time to better use, whether it’s making a nutritious meal or spending more quality time with your family. Streamline your morning routine by ensuring everything has its place with the right storage essentials. For the finishing touch, quality hardware will add a dose of luxury that's perfect for a master retreat.

Closet Design Considerations:

-   Using baskets to store old or out of season clothes will save room and help prioritize items that you use often. Place them on a higher shelf in your closet since you won’t need to access them until the next season change.

-   Hanging hats, purses, or accessories on hooks is a great way to use vertical space that might be wasted otherwise. This can also add visual interest. Use multiple single hooks and hang one hat per hook to make a hat wall, or hang a wide array of long necklaces on a hook rack.

-   Storage baskets on shelves is an easy way to store a lot in a small amount of space. Plus, our Strap and Rod Brackets & Shelf Set is ideal for hanging belts, purses, and other accessories.

-   Solid brass cabinet hardware can help elevate your closet built-ins or existing dressers. We have finishes, styles, and pull lengths to accommodate wider drawers.

Beautiful Lighting

Because of how often these hardworking spaces are used, it's important to light them properly. Semi-flush or flush mount fixtures will cast bright, all-over illumination where you need it most. Plus, all of our lighting is designed to pair with our hardware finishes, so you can match your lighting, shelving, hooks, and drawer pulls for a cohesive update.

For more home updates that combine beauty and function, see our handcrafted hooks, shelves, storage baskets, and more.