Kitchens are the beating hearts of our home. It's where we gather with friends, cook for our loved ones, and find the perfect late night snack.

When planning your kitchen lighting, keep these things in mind:

Consider your layout. What lighting do you need, and where? For islands or other open work surfaces, a group of pendants can blend in and support your space - or a chandelier can make a statement. Semi-flush and flush lighting are ideal for lighting the general room, and for spots that may lay in shadow, such as over sinks or tucked into soffets.

For pendants, keep in mind the rule of threes. Three objects look balanced in larger areas when evenly spaced to fill the span - but with smaller islands, don't be afraid to cut that number down to two.

Consider your style. While brass tones warm your space, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze lends weight and crisp precision, silvers such as Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel are classic, "sanitary" finishes for cooking spaces. Match your finish across plumbing and cabinet hardware - or embrace contrast, like oil-rubbed bronze hardware harmonizing with copper fixtures.

Linen shades bring cozy warmth, but are not practical over cooking surfaces. Opal glass diffuses a bright light source - perfect for spots that need lots of light. And clear glass emphasizes the soft glow of a filament bulb.

Consider your length. 90% of Rejuvenation's lighting is crafted in our Portland, Oregon factory. Our skilled craftsmen build these fixtures to order - at the exact length you need. 30 - 36 inches above your work space is a good rule of thumb, but don't be afraid to consider your home's unique factors. Who is the tallest person in your family? How will it be framed in the space around it - in the context of your cabinets or windows?

Whatever your needs, browse and find inspiration in our lighting at .