From shade styles to fixture finishes, there's a lot to decide on when purchasing a new, fully customized light for your space. We know adding lighting to your space is a big decision, so that's why we've made the process of customizing your light as effortless as possible. We offer a range of beautiful shades and finishes so you can create a one-of-a-kind light that's perfect for your space.

Once you've considered where the light is going, how much illumination your space needs, and the general size of light you need, it's time to start personalizing your fixture. See our step-by-step guide below to ensure you're making the most of your fully customized light.

1. Choose Your Fixture

Many of our fixtures come in several variations, from multi-light chandeliers to flush and semi-flush options. If you like the style of a certain fixture, it's often easy to create a cohesive look throughout your home by using the collection throughout your space. What ties a collection together is typically the fitter design, which means there's plenty of room to customize with the shade and finish later on.

Design Notes: If you have low ceilings, choose the shortest length option for one of our customizable pendants to get a semi-flush light design. For sloped or vaulted ceilings, make sure the pendant you choose has a vault-mount option or chain pendant option.

When you're looking at fixtures, keep in mind that the shade you choose will get bigger as the fitter size increases. Consider the function of your room or space when deciding on the right size. For example, above a dining table, the total size of your fixture should be around two-thirds the length or diameter of your table. For a bold statement, opt for a series of small pendants above the table or one oversized chandelier.

2. Choose Your Finish

We offer a range of handcrafted finish options for a truly customized piece. Whether you're looking for vintage-inspired lacquered brass or sleek polished chrome, choose the perfect finish to align with the rest of your home's hardware.

  • Unlacquered polish brass: A mirror finish that gradually ages and darkens over time—great for a vintage-inspired light.

  • Burnished antique brass: A finely brushed, antique brown finish with a satin lacquer.

  • Antique Copper: Satin brass with an antiqued and highlighted tinted lacquer to create the look of copper.

  • Black Enamel: A satin black paint applied to a sandblasted surface, offering a timeless, long-lasting finish.

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze: One of our most popular finishes, this option has a dark black-brown hue with a matte lacquer coating.

  • Old Brass: A subtle olive-brown lacquer coating over a satin-brushed surface, offering the look of true aged brass.

  • Brushed Nickel: Created by gently rubbing nickel-plated brass with an abrasive pad for a satin finish.

  • Polished Chrome: A popular choice after about 1930, this shiny finish offers a tarnish-free update on traditional nickel.

  • Polished Nickel: A classic finish, this option has a warmer tone than chrome and is not lacquered—it tarnishes softly for an aged look.

We hand-finish more than 90% of our fixtures in our Portland, Oregon factory. The result? Lights that will look great for years to come.

1. Choose Your Shade

While most of our fixtures are pictured with one combination, you can choose between dozens of beautifully crafted shades to customize your light.

Glass Shades
Inspired by the quality craftsmanship of skilled glassmakers, our glass lighting is hand-blown or pressed by artisans, both here in the USA and around the world in Italy and the Czech Republic. Clear glass shades offer an updated twist on classic silhouettes—perfect for showcasing our vintage-inspired filament bulbs. For a traditional vintage style, opt for an opal glass shade. Our opal shades offer soft, ambient illumination for an inviting feel.

Metal & Linen Shades
Our fixtures with metal shades come in a range of finishes and hues, from hand-spun copper to colorful lacquered aluminum. Metal shades are great for task lighting or targeted accent lighting, as the thickness of the shade means light is directed downward. Several of our lights also come with high-quality linen shade options, offering subtle accent lighting that adds elegance to a dining room, living space, or bedroom.

From modern globe shades to classic schoolhouse designs, choose your favorite style from our wide range of options. We sell our shades separately as well, so you can always update your fixture with a quick shade swap in the future.

1. Choose Your Length

Once you've selected your fixture type, finish, and size, it's time to choose your length. When ordering and customizing your light, input the total length of the overall fixture, which includes the length of your shade of choice.

Design Note: Use a string with a balloon and tape it to your ceiling—this will give you a better sense of how your light will fill the space and what length is best.

Now you're ready to order your light!

Shop our versatile selection of fully customizable lighting to get started, and see our tips on how to choose a light bulb below for the next step in your lighting update.

What kind of bulb should you use?

The type of bulb your light will need depends on your fixture's main purpose. We carry bulbs for every type of lighting and shade style. If you're customizing a ceiling light for your living room, you'll need a higher wattage that provides enough light to fill the space. For more targeted illumination, like small pendants above an island, you could do less wattage for more relaxing, ambient light.

Clear Shades: For clear shades, we recommmend an LED filament bulb. These bulbs come in a standard or E26 base, as well as an E12 or candelabra base, depending on your fixture and fitter size. We love the look of the vintage filament style, but with the updated energy-efficiency and long lifespan of LED. For traditionalists, we still carry a variety of vintage Edison filament bulbs.

Globe Shades: For globe shades, a globe-shaped light bulb is often an ideal choice to align with the shade silhouette, for example one of our G30 or G40 bulbs.

Opal Shades: A standard white LED light bulb is best for opal shades because it offers close to 360-degree light output. You'll get a nice, inviting glow with plenty of light for well-rounded illumination.

If you need more illumination than LED bulbs can offer, we carry incandescent bulbs up to 300 watts.

Shop our selection of handcrafted lighting for every space and function.