If you're a fan of vintage interiors, historic homes, and New York's picturesque Hudson Valley, we guarantee you're going to love House of Brinson. Curated by Susan and William Brinson, their blog and social media feeds document the restoration and styling of Stonyford, their 19th century estate in the Hudson Valley. When it came time to tackle the living room, the Brinsons turned to Rejuvenation and our sister brand, West Elm, to create a design plan that honored the integrity of their historic home, while also allowing all the comforts of modern life.

To flank the fireplace, the Brinsons chose a pair of early 1900s Classic Revival Rejuvenation Vintage sconces. Restored to impeccable condition by our Antiques & Vintage team, they knew these ornate sconces were meant to be at Stonyford—except for one thing. The Brinsons wondered if our team could add an on/off switch to the base of the sconces in a way that would be elegant and respectful of their time period.


Edin, a craftsman who has been with us for 20 years, engineered a way to not only make an on/off switch a reality, but he was able to turn the finial of the sconces (detail above) into the toggle switch, keeping the look of the sconces identical. Watch the video below to see a portion of Edin's work to turn the finial into a toggle switch.

After all the careful restoration was completed, the Brinsons installed the sconces at Stonyford for another life of beauty and use. We are so happy that these special sconces have such a good home at Stonyford, thanks to the brilliant work of our Antiques & Vintage team.



Also featured in the Brinson's living room reveal are our Bruno Double-Arm floor lamp, Cylinder Task Double-Arm wall light, and our Belmont Tuxedo settee.

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