Offering untold history and quality craftsmanship, vintage furniture makes a beautiful addition to any style of home. All of our Rejuvenation Vintage furniture has been carefully restored, making it ready for another life of function and beauty.

Whether your home is streamlined and modern or classic and traditional, the right vintage piece will add personality and timeless character to your space. While there are a variety of furniture styles and types out there, most vintage furniture is defined by its era or time period. Many of these periods overlap and influence each another, however we've broken down the key highlights that identify each antique furniture style and era below.


Mid-Century Modern

During the Mid-Century design movement, natural materials combined with unique forms and futuristic styling. You'll find a range of colors and upholstery hues mixed with medium-toned woods. This era also featured a blend of modern silhouettes with industrial-inspired metal accents.

  • Form follows function for this style
  • Streamlined silhouettes inspired by both geometric and organic forms
  • Lack of ornamentation



1920s - 1940s
Although Industrial is a stylistic era, its time period ranges from before the turn of the century through the 1940s—the moniker typically refers more to function than to period. Many of our Industrial-style furniture features mixed materials like wood and metal, and you'll often see lots of revitalized vintage items from old schoolhouses, warehouses, and the World War II era.

  • Distinct focus on function and utility
  • Simple silhouettes found in early 20th century public buildings
  • A focus on metal metarials, along with durable woods


Art Deco

1920s - 1930s
Reaching its peak at the 1925 Paris Exposition, the Art Deco style began around World War I and continued past the late 1920s. Furniture designs focused on sleek and streamlined shapes in luxurious materials. Bold, saturated hues, reflective accents, and intricate geometric patterns define this style.

  • A unique mix of clean lines and luxurious materials
  • Intricate geometric patterns and solid shapes
  • Bold, saturated hues mixed with reflective accents


Arts & Crafts

Early 1900s
An international movement that defined both early 20th century architecture and furniture design in North America, Arts & Crafts furniture pairs simplicity in form with quality craftsmanship. Streamlined silhouettes combine with solid wood construction, offering timeless pieces that will work in many spaces.

  • Focus on solid forms and quality craftsmanship
  • Showcases furniture joinery and functional design
  • Often features classic, simply carved wood



Mid-to-late 1800s
Defined by rich, dark woods, elegant metalwork, and luxurious upholstery, Victorian furniture focuses on beautiful details in craftsmanship and carving. Silhouettes are usually curved and flowing, complete with intricate carvings inspired by both Western and Eastern history.

Several design movements happened within this time period as well, including Rococo Revival and Classical Revival, which drew inspiration from the gilt and glamour of 17th century France. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind carved accent chair, or an intricate wrought-iron table, our restored Victorian furniture offers unparalleled traditional charm.

  • Intricate wood carvings inspired by mythology and history
  • Often features dark woods and detailed metalwork
  • Distinct focus on craftsmanship and luxurious materials

Vintage furniture makes a timeless addition to any home, especially when you need a dose of character or weathered charm. For modern spaces, a Mid-Century chair or bench may be ideal. In a traditional home, mix in an Arts & Crafts table or Victorian cabinet to add character and personality. Shop our latest vintage furniture finds for a one-of-a-kind update.