Design and craft have been at the heart of Rejuvenation since the beginning. For over 40 years, our focus has been on making timeless pieces for your home, exactly to your unique specifications. Using domestic and imported parts from trusted manufacturers, our factory in Northwest Portland is where all of our lighting begins.


It's here where our skilled team of men and women assemble, wire, package, and ship Rejuvenation lighting all across the country. We don't start making your light until you tell us to, and the opportunity you have to customize the finish, length, and shade for the majority of our lighting is something we're proud to offer to our customers.


Rejuvenation was founded in 1977 as a lighting company; our founder sourced and sold vintage fixtures and after seeing success with that, started crafting his own reproductions. Forty years later, lighting remains our bread and butter. We’ve become experts in the field for both residential and commercial projects, all while building custom lighting out of the same city where we began.


Start customizing your Rejuvenation lighting online here.