When it comes to refreshing your outdoor spaces, planters are an easy way to add instant charm. But curating a planterscape—a landscape setup with planters—that fits your style is always key. To help bring your dream outdoor space to life, we sat down with Saria Dy-Davis, Rejuvenation’s Assistant Art Director to get her thoughts on how to create the perfect look. From composition to plant pairings, say hello to spring with Saria's top tips and ideas.


What’s the first thing you need to style a planterscape?

Start with a vision. Think about how loose or structured you’d like your planterscape to be and what variety of plants you have in mind. Next, give some thought to planter designs. Planters of different heights and textures can bring out the beauty of your home.

Tell us about your favorite Rejuvenation planters.

I love our Brice Planters. They come in many scales, shapes, and colors and can be used both indoors and out because the collection is made from durable terracotta.

For a more traditional home, our Dell Planters are an excellent choice. They’re simple and neutral enough in color that they pair well with more ornate architectural styles. Our Jasper or Fiberstone Planters are ideal for new builds or more contemporary home designs. The Jasper Planters can add a bit of warmth to offset sleek, modern architecture. While Fiberstone Planters can help you achieve a seamless look—they add shape without being too visually distracting.

Project Tip: Get garden ready with our wide selection of styles. From responsibly sourced teak to metal, our Planter Shop is stocked with planters of all material types, sizes, and shapes.

How many planters do you recommend for a front porch?

For a front porch, depending on the amount of room you have, go with two to six planters. Planters look best when you can create a tiered composition, so if you only have room for two, I recommend a taller and a shorter planter. If you have more room to spare, frame your door with four, two on each side, following the same concept of tall to short. And if you have a lot of room, three on each side of your door with a tall, mid, and low planter.

What’s the best way to integrate planters into a spacious backyard?

Planters can help create borders or a feeling of privacy. I recommend lining some areas with our oversized rectangular frost-proof ficonstone and fiberstone planters, then layering in taller and shorter planters—playing with the size and scale of your choices. This method works well for dividing outdoor dining or living spaces from lawns. If you’re going for a really lush look, expect to use anywhere from five to ten planters.

Project Tip: Short on outdoor space? No problem. Make the most of small patios by creating vignettes—layering multiple planters can still make your space feel natural and wild.

Lastly, we can’t forget the plants. What are some of your favorite plants to work with?

Because I prefer a loose, natural look, I like to mix multiple different plants within a single planter. This creates a more carefree natural and textural appearance. A statement plant (or two) like olive trees or camellias work great in tall planters. Grasses and shrubs planted in mid-sized planters are perfect if you’re creating a divide between your outdoor zones. And lastly, plant heucheras or blue star juniper in short planters—they are slow-growing evergreens that will take time to mature.

Project Tip: Consult a nursery in your area for the best local flora options. Choosing climate-adapted plants and trees ensures better chances of survival—through temperate spring weather all the way to icy winters.

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