Inspired by the rich forest undergrowth of the Pacific Northwest, our beautifully crafted Botanical Block Prints are hand printed and custom framed in our Portland, Oregon factory.

When it comes to completing your home, it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference. Which is why we’re excited about our latest collection of wall art. Designed in-house by our textile and color designer, Courtney Crews, our Botanical Block Prints feature ferns and flowers inspired by the biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest. Blending the look of native plants with whimsical details, each nature-inspired print adds a delicate touch to your walls.

Playful yet elegant, the Botanical Fern and Leaf Block Prints explore the symmetry inherent in nature.

While the series references the roots of the region we call home, it also evokes Courtney's interest in 1940s Scandinavian textiles and botanical prints—with each print showcasing plants that look like carefully collected, natural specimens.


The artisan must be precise in lining up the block for two-color prints—though it’s that special touch of hand that reminds us that these are not printed by machine.

Creating each print is a thoughtful process. Available in single or two-color variations depending on the image, each design is carved into individual blocks, one block per color. They are then coated in ink and hand pressed to create a layered and detailed image. “What I love so much about block printing is that it’s a hand printed process,” explains Courtney. “No piece is alike, and part of the charm is that no piece is perfect either.” Sometimes when the blocks don’t perfectly line up, the colors might slightly overlap. “It’s these imperfections that make the process so beautiful.”

The size of the prints varies from 10.5x12.5 inches to 26.5x20.75 inches.

Offered in natural colors—a rich, earthy green and a charming, deep blue—the designs are printed on handmade paper, which adds a rough texture that grips the ink. Because each one is individually hand-printed, there may be slight variations in the design—making them even more special.

Create your own salon-style gallery wall with a grouping of three prints. Our Blue Floral Block Prints feature a fern, fuzzy flower, and tulip.

The printing and framing take place at our Portland, Oregon factory. Frames are available in black, white, walnut, or white oak—complementary finishes and wood types that can easily match our collections of solid wood furniture.


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