Our iconic Carson Lighting Collection is one of our most popular styles. Inspired by industrial warehouse lighting from the early 1900s, our updated version retains all the authentic details that made these original lights both functional and beautiful. What makes our version even more special, is that it’s designed to be customized in just three easy steps—so you can create a light that is perfectly personalized for any area of your home.

1. Choose Your Fixture

Start customizing your Carson by identifying the type of lighting that you need. Carson is available as wall sconces, ceiling lights, and post lights—we also have more energy-efficient LED options. Next, choose the kind of fixture you want. We have eight fixture styles: gooseneck, semi-flush, rod pendant, cord pendant, straight arm sconce, L-arm wall mount sconce, shepherd’s hook wall sconce, and post mounts. Also note that Carson is an indoor-outdoor light with damp- and wet-ratings depending on the fixture. If your Carson will be fully exposed to the elements, make sure to choose a wet-rated design.

If you are getting a wall sconce, you’ll need to configure the projection. The projection is the distance from your wall to the middle of the light bulb. Wall sconce projections are available in lengths of 12, 18, or 24 inches, and the projection you choose will depend on your space and your shade. For a decorative touch, add an arm support—we have scroll, chain, and single rod designs.

2. Select Your Shade

Select your shade based on the style of your home, the aesthetic you want, and the type of lighting you need. We have two shade styles and four sizes to outfit your light. Choose a deep dome shade in 12, 16, or 20 inches if you are going for a more classic industrial look or opt for a wall sconce with a 14-inch angled dome shade to direct light toward a specific part of your home.

Our best-selling 12-inch Carsons are a great option if you need a lighting solution right away. Just choose a fixture type—our classic 12-inch deep dome Carsons are available as a gooseneck, semi-flush mount, rod pendant, cord pendant, and as an outdoor plug-in pendant, and your shade color. Our 12” Carsons ship to you in just two to five weeks.


3. Pick A Color

The last step is the fun part: choosing the color of your shade. Add a personalized touch to your project with our wide range of color options. Choose a color that complements the style and aesthetic of your home and matches your color palette—or go for a pop of color to draw more attention to your lovely new lighting. From sleek, vintage-inspired Polished Copper and Gloss Black to on trend shades of red, green, yellow, and blue, in both matte and gloss finishes, don’t be afraid to try something fun—you can replace your shades in the future to refresh your look with a new color shade in the same size.

Explore more of the Carson Lighting Collection to get started on your next project. If you need additional help customizing your Carson, our Design Crew is always here to help.