Based on early electric streetlights and industrial brackets from the turn of the 20th century, our family of Carson warehouse fixtures retains all of the authentic details that made them both functional and beautiful. Made of cast and extruded aluminum, these customizable fixtures are built to last and provide targeted light.

1. Choose your style

Start customizing your Carson by picking which style you want. Whether you're looking for a wall sconce for above a door, a pendant for above a dining table, or a semi-flush mount for a low-ceiling space, we have more than enough variety to choose from.

2. For sconces, choose your projection and support

If you're getting a sconce, you'll need to think about its projection from the wall. Projection is measured from the wall to the middle of the bulb. Depending on the space and shade, the projection you choose will vary. You can also opt for an arm support. These decorative, hardworking designs add to your light's aesthetic and make it unique.


3. Choose your shade

Depending on the look you want and the function you need, we have multiple Carson shades to outfit your light. A shallow dome can highlight an interesting bulb, a deep dome gives a classic warehouse look, or an angled dome can direct light toward an entry. It's easy to find the right shade with our versatile selection of shade shapes.

4. Choose your color

All our shades come in many colors and finishes, which can completely transform the look of your light. From vintage-inspired polished copper to classic matte black, find the perfect option for your space.

Shop our Carson collection or our full lighting selection to get started on your next update.