No light fixture is complete without the right light bulb. Light bulbs are a functional part of your fixture—and choosing the right bulb is important to creating the perfect, balanced ambience in your space. Ensure that you’re creating a place that will make your friends and family feel welcome by carefully considering which light bulbs you choose.

Decide on Your Bulb Type


LED bulbs are a great choice as an energy-saving solution for your home project. Using only one-tenth of the amount of energy than your traditional bulb, these LED bulbs will save you money and reduce your environmental impact. We offer many LED light types, from lights with optimal lifespan to carbon filament-style LED light bulbs.

Integrated LED:

These fixtures combine modern energy efficiency with convenience and longevity; not only will these lights save you energy, but you also get the added benefit of them being integrated into your fixture. This can improve the endurance of your light—allowing for you and your guests to enjoy timeless illumination for years to come.


While you can dim LED bulbs by a few degrees, incandescent bulbs allow you more access to a wide range of dimmability. Additionally, if you are wanting to use bare bulbs in your home, keep in mind that incandescent bulbs allow for a thinner filament than LED is currently capable of.

Choose Your Brightness

To determine the amount of lighting your space will need, consider the bulb’s lumens. Multiply the square footage of your space by the number provided below to determine the recommended lumens necessary to light each room in your home. For example, if your bedroom is 200 square feet you’ll want your light to be between 2000 and 4000 lumens.

●   Bathroom: 70-80

●   Laundry: 70-80

●   Kitchen: 60-70

●   Bedroom: 10-20

●   Living Room: 10-20

●   Hallway: 10-20

Select Your Style

Decorating with exposed bare bulbs is an easy way to give your space a minimalistic look. Keep in mind that when the bulb doesn't have a shade to diffuse the light it can be harsh on the eyes. To ensure this doesn't happen we recommend placing them in a part of the room where people won't have to look at it often—such as a closet or high stairwell.

If you aren’t choosing to use a bare bulb you’ll still want to consider how your bulb’s color will influence your home’s aesthetic. Warm lighting gives your room a more relaxed and comfortable feel whereas cooler lighting works better in spaces where you will be doing specific tasks like the laundry room or kitchen. Stick to lower Kelvin rates for a warmer feel and higher Kelvin rates for a cooler feel. You can find Kelvin rates for our light bulbs on our website.

Choose Your Shape

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The shape of the bulb is important because this ensures that it will fit comfortably inside its shade. To determine the size of the bulb, just look at its name; for example, with our LED Tala Porcelain III G40 bulb, the “G” in the “G40” stands for globe. If there is a “C” in the name, it stands for candle, “A” stands for arbitrary—meaning the standard look of a light bulb. Always check the specifications for your light to see if a certain bulb is recommended.

Find the perfect light bulb for your space by checking out all of our beautiful designs online or in store.