During cold winter nights there’s nothing better than curling up in front of a cozy hearth. Not only is it the visual centerpiece of any living room, with the right decor and styling—it’s also the perfect space to create merry holiday moments. Give your hearth a bit of festive flair this season with everything from fireplace essentials to a touch of seasonal foliage and some elevated brass details. We’ve rounded up our favorite pieces of decor and best tips on how to easily—and quickly—refresh your hearth in time for the holidays.

Make your mantel shine with elegant details that capture the holiday spirit.

Add Joyful Details With Seasonal Decor

Start by sprucing up your mantel.  Create a strong focal point with a mirror or piece of art, flanked by two sconces. An oversized mirror can add depth and make your living space feel larger, while artwork expresses your personality and acts as a great conversation starter. Our Assistant Art Director, Saria Dy-Davis advises. "I like to think of the mantel as a display. It's a place in your living room where there's an open shelf to decorate."

Our beautiful animal hooks feature a weighted stand and unlacquered polished brass finish that will gently patina over time.

"Once I have my focal pieces down I like to layer in books, picture frames, and other pieces of art. Balance is important. It shouldn't feel too bulky and it should be an opportunity to play with scale and material," adds Dy-Davis. By arranging smaller pieces of decor around your main focal point, you can create a symmetrical look by weaving in accents on either side or opt for a more asymmetrical design. We suggest layering in these decorative pieces:

  • Brass Animal Stocking Hooks: Whimsical and fun, add several wild animal hooks to your mantel—one for each member of your family. These hooks are the perfect heirloom-quality pieces that will become part of your family tradition and be enjoyed every holiday season.
  • Candles and Candle Holders: Scented or unscented, candles are an easy way to add a warm glow.
  • Vases: Try a grouping of small handblown glass vases filled with seasonal greenery. Our Audrey Vases are perfect options and come in different sizes and colors.
  • Seasonal Foliage: Bring hints of the outdoors inside with a fresh garland.

Project Tip: Pine, cypress, spruce, and cedar make excellent materials for garlands and wreaths. If you want something that will last through the holiday season, long-needled pines are best for a long-lasting look. Before you bend and twist your greenery into shape for a wreath, be sure to condition it by thoroughly soaking it in cool water and then letting it dry. Visit your local flower shop or nursery for more tips for keeping seasonal greenery fresh.

Layer in light with wall sconces on either side of your mirror or artwork.

Style Tips:

  • No hearth? No problem. Evoke the same festive energy with a decorated sideboard—or even a windowsill. "I have lived in small spaces where I did not have a hearth before, and I never let that stop me from creating some type of Christmas display," shares Dy-Davis. "Windowsills are a great place to substitute a mantle and are equally fun for neighbors to enjoy on their walks."
  • Add vintage decor and wall art. Vintage is a sustainable alternative that only gets better with time. Our curated collection features pieces from all over the world. For an earthy, elegant vibe, add a couple of our Turkish Olive Oil Jars brimming with fresh or dried foliage around your hearth—and the rest of your home.
  • Love fresh greenery but don’t want the hassle of keeping it alive through the season? Go faux with your greenery. There are plenty of faux options that look just as realistic.
  • Invest in pieces you’ll love beyond the holidays. Items like vases and candles are easy ways to refresh your home in any season. Dy-Davis advises, "I always try to purchase quality pieces, made of natural materials, that I know I will pass down."
Complete your hearth with a comfortable spot to sit. Our Tuttle Lounge Chairs make a classic, modern addition to living spaces.  

Don’t Forget Hearth Essentials

Whether you have a classic brick or modern tiled fireplace, there are three things every hearth needs: a fireplace tool set, screen, and log holder. Keep your woodburning fireplace clean and safe with a good set of tools. These maintenance must-haves include a brush, shovel, poker, and stand. Choose a set that matches with the aesthetic of your home—our sets range from classic to Mid-Century. They’re also made from durable materials like cast iron to withstand heat and last for years to come.

Every time you use your fireplace, be sure to keep embers at bay with a screen. From a simple mesh design to a more contemporary tempered glass option, a screen allows you to safely enjoy the fireside warmth.

A log holder is a an essential piece to corral firewood and kindling beautifully. Even if your hearth is purely decorative—there’s no shame in having one just for the look—a log holder evokes a rustic look and feel.

Complete your hearth with coordinated brass accessories for your log holder, tools, and fireplace screen.

Finally, Enjoy Your Hearth

Now that your hearth is looking festive and fresh, carve out a comfortable spot to sit by your fireside and relax. Whether that’s on a sofa, sectional, or a statement chair, make your seating even more cozy with a few wool throw blankets and plush, decorative pillows.

For more last-minute design and style tips, get expert advice from our Design Crew.

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