Featuring a vintage-inspired design created for maximum customization, our table lamps offer a one-of-a-kind piece to suit your space. Whether you're adding task lighting to your office desk or adding some color to a small reading nook, an articulating lamp will bring a timeless sense of heritage to your space. The best part about our lamps? A beautiful variety of shade colors to perfectly match your style. See our tips for how to swap out your shade on an articulating lamp below.

Step One

Unscrew the knobs at the fitter of the fixture, just above the base of the shade. At this spot, four screws are tightened around the base of the shade to secure it. Start by unscrewing one almost all the way, then move on to the remaining three screws and give each one a few turns. Make sure to hold on to the base of the shade, then make your way around the screws, slowly turning each one a few times until the shade loosens.

Step Two

Now for the fun part! Select your new shade of choice. From industrial-inspired brushed metal to bold polished hues, there's something for everyone. Make sure your shade size matches the fitter size of your fixture, and is built to pair with that lamp. Here, our shades pictured are all designed specifically for the Grandview task lamp.

Step Three

Once you've selected your new shade, place it in the center of the open fitter. Start by tightening each knob by a few turns at a time to ensure your shade stays centered. Continue to go around to each knob, tightening until the screws hold the shade firmly in place.

Shade swap completed! Now you can enjoy your articulating light's new look.

We have more than 70 beautiful shades made to suit our articulating lamps—shop our versatile shade selection to get started!

Plus, learn more about the Grandview Task Lamp in the video below and discover the timeless design features and unparalleled craftsmanship behind each light.