Hanging curtains can be the perfect finishing touch to any room, adding a layer of privacy to your home—or blocking light so that you can sleep. Our new solid brass Drapery Hardware collection is timeless and elegant, designed in custom finishes to coordinate with our lighting and hardware collections and create a cohesive look throughout your home. Here, we'll outline the right way to install your drapery rods and hang your curtains.

1. Measuring Your Window

First, to determine the length of your drapery rod, measure the width of your window and add six to 12 inches. Extending the rod three to six inches on either side of your window frame will make your window feel grander and allow more light to enter when your drapes are open. We recommend hanging your curtains at least two inches above your window frame to give your space a cleaner look. You can also place them four to six inches above the window to make your room feel taller.

All our rod sets come in 1-1/4 inch or 3/4-inch widths and four adjustable lengths—and can extend up to 40 inches from its original length.

2. Choosing Curtains

The length of your curtains can dramatically affect the style of your room. Select curtain panels that are at least three-quarters the width of the window. If you will be opening and closing them often, select curtains that hang 1/2 inch above the floor. If your curtains will remain open, you can add six to eight inches to the length of your curtains to create a luxurious “puddle” effect.

Style Secret: Add to your look with a double drapery rod set. Two rods give you the option of hanging sheer curtains behind opaque drapes—giving you a layer of privacy and light.

Double drapery rods are perfect accents for floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors.

3. Completing Your Look

Finally, add a decorative touch with finials, curtain rings, and tiebacks to keep your drapes in place. Our Universal Tiebacks come in coordinating finishes and are easy to install—hang tiebacks near the bottom of the window and directly beneath the end of the curtain rod to create a beautiful draping effect. Our Curtain Rings are sized to fit both widths of our drapery rods and come in sets of seven to add ease to daily opening and closing of drapes.

Our solid brass window hardware, such as our Universal Tie Back, is naturally corrosion and rust-resistant and built to last.

We can help you measure and select all the pieces you need—contact our Design Crew and schedule a complimentary appointment today.

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