When we opened our 6th store, in Atlanta, Georgia, we were delighted to find ourselves nestled in with dozens of incredible restaurants. A star standout among them--Brezza Cucina--the new hot spot that chose us as their lighting design partners.

Brezza Cucina (Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore, courtesy of Atlanta magazine).

Brezza Cucina is a collaborative effort between chef Adam Evans, well known in the Atlanta food scene, and Jonathan Waxman, whose esteemed culinary career spans decades and the U.S. itself, from California's Chez Panisse to New York's Barbuto.

Brezza Cucina, like our Store no. 6, is located within the renowned Ponce City Market, a transformation of a Sears, Roebuck & Co. showroom and warehouse that was in use from the 19-teens until 1987, into a vibrant shopping and dining hub.

Our 6th store, at Ponce City Market in Atlanta.

Beyond being the city's largest adaptive reuse project, the market stands as a vibrant symbol of the ways in which thoughtful planning allows a building--and by extension, a neighborhood--to evolve without cutting ties to its past.

Ponce City Market's first incarnation as the Sears Roebuck building.

Ponce City Market is part of the Atlanta Beltline, a sustainable redevelopment project that will provide a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor circling downtown and connecting many neighborhoods directly to each other .

Brezza Cucina retains the industrial allure of the building's warehouse days. Its 90-year-old hardwood floors, exposed structural columns and exposed brick walls anchor Brezza's outsized 150-person dining hall.

With such a large, sparsely decorated room, lighting becomes essential for creating a warm and enfolding space.

Brezza's designers chose four distinct lighting styles which combine to create this layered effect that, like the building itself, combines the historically rich with the very new.


The Butte: Featuring a cloth-covered cord and a variety of lightweight spun-aluminum shades that cast a wide circle of light, the versatile Butte borrows from both industrial and modern design. This quality makes it incredibly versatile, and helps it bridge many styles, which is especially effective for large commercial spaces.

Brezze Cucina chose marches of Buttes to echo the circular tables and balance the industrial space.

The Butte comes with a variety of shade options.

Industrial O.C. White lights amplify Brezza Cucina's industrial feel while string lights provide the illusion of a ceiling which makes it both more intimate and more festive.

O.C. White:
We are proud to offer both restored original and authentic reproduction O.C. White industrial lights. It's no surprise that Brezza's designers were drawn to the presence of these iconic articulating fixtures. It features Otis Converse White's signature innovations: the patented, spring-loaded K joint, which allows the arm to swivel 360 degrees. Another of White's introductions: the canopy's universal ball and socket joint, which allows the fixture to be rolled into position (even on vaulted or irregular ceilings) and then bolted in.

We offer both reproduction and original restored O.C. White industrial lights.

String lights: Our commercial-grade LED String Lights are ideal for high-ceilinged spaces because they create a twinkling, festive lighting cafes, wineries, wedding tents, and patios, and work . The strand's PVC shielding is resistant to UV-sunlight exposure, and socket seals create a water-tight seal around the bulbs. The clear glass surround to the 24 LED bulb not only looks clean and classic, they produce little to no heat, and will not fade from exposure to the elements.

String lights are an easy and popular way to add a layer of twinkle and shine.

Bruno table lamps: A bar is best lit intimately, and the cap-shaded Bruno does this without fuss or frill, perfect for the masculine feel of an industrial space like Brezza. It's a reproduction of a 1933 design manufactured by the Kaiser company in Germany.

Cucina Brezze's bar is lined with Bruno lamps, which provide a cozy intimacy.

Bruno lamps add authenticity and charm to rooms, spaces, and projects of every scale.

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