Our American-made Canby table is the result of a coast-to-coast collaboration. Wisconsin-welded steel geometric bases pair with wood-slab tops sourced from Oregon and the Appalachians. Combined, these elements present a fresh-faced & sturdy countenance that feels--well--downright American.

Setting an American-made table

Not only are its materials and construction all-American, so is its embrace of individual expression. O Pioneer! Customize to your heart's content by mixing and matching from 3 bases, 5 tops, and 2 sizes.

3 Bases:

Canby with Parson base

Canby with X base

Canby with Trestle base

5 Tops:

From top: Cherry, Walnut, Fir, Oxidized Ash, Maple

Canby with walnut top and Parson base

Canby with cherry top and trestle base

Canby with fir top and Parson base

2 sizes:

The 60" x 36" Canby seats 4 to 6

The 72" x 36" Canby seats 6 to 8

The Canby Table. Right for you. Right for America.