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Vintage Spotlight — Antiques in the Bathroom

Second to your kitchen, the bathroom is the hardest-working room in your house. When outfitting this important space, you want pieces that have stood the test of time and every item in our Antiques & Vintage collection meets that standard. From charming period light fixtures, to unique mirrors, to restored »

A Star is Reborn

Each piece in our Antiques & Vintage collection tells a story, and we love being a part of the continued history of every relic that passes through our shop. This is the story of our favorite new (old) item: the Red, White & Blue Double-Sided Neon Star. When we found »

Vintage Spotlight - A Holiday with History

The ideal holiday celebration always culminates in a festive dinner. This season, let your family gather around pieces of history. Our Vintage Holiday collection features beautifully restored antique chandeliers (the perfect centerpiece for any dining room), well-loved and well-weathered dining chair sets, and historic table-top decor. Happy Holidays, from our »