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Behind the Scenes: The Jennings Hotel

After purchasing the historic Jennings Hotel in sleepy Joseph, Oregon, entrepreneur Greg Hennes started a successful Kickstarter to help fund the remodeling of the small-town landmark built in the early 1900s. Working with interior designers, architects, textile artists, and Rejuvenation, he is restoring the interiors to their former glory (and »

Rejuvenation Vintage Spotlight: Welcome to Wall Décor

One of the missions of the Rejuvenation Vintage department is to preserve and refresh the items that come our way. We pride ourselves in our standards of restoration, going to any length to give new life to our antiques. In our continuous endeavor to protect the artifacts we find, we »

Backyard History: Outdoor Furniture Then and Now

When looking for patio decor inspiration, look no further than the Mid-Century design movement. The post-war era saw a boom in leisure time, with planned communities springing up around major cities. Each neighborhood had houses with little picket fences and each house had a patio, complete with a charcoal grill »

Our Take On Green: Rejuvenation Vintage

Ever on the hunt for one-of-a-kind antique treasures and rare vintage pieces, our team travels America searching for lighting, hardware, furniture, and other historically significant pieces that stand the test of time. Salvaged from large antique shows, estate sales, and a handful of pickers across the country, pieces are revived »

The Collected Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home (or at the very least, it’s the stomach). It is also a place where functionality is key, so each piece must be carefully chosen for maximum usefulness. Our collection of Rejuvenation Vintage kitchen essentials will allow you to to find those »

Get The Look: Vintage Map Room

Salvaged as part of a collection of classroom maps from the Eastern Washington Teaching University, these mid-century scroll-down maps were drawn for and distributed by one of the most trusted map, globe and chart companies in American history: Denoyer-Geppert of Chicago, IL. This inviting space, warmly-lit by a 1940's Crouse »

Vintage Spotlight — Antiques in the Bathroom

Second to your kitchen, the bathroom is the hardest-working room in your house. When outfitting this important space, you want pieces that have stood the test of time and every item in our Antiques & Vintage collection meets that standard. From charming period light fixtures, to unique mirrors, to restored »

A Star is Reborn

Each piece in our Rejuvenation Vintage collection tells a story, and we love being a part of the continued history of every relic that passes through our shop. This is the story of a past favorite: the Red, White & Blue Double-Sided Neon Star. When we found the Star, it »