Since 1921, Massachusetts-based Steele Canvas has earned a reputation for providing American industry with sturdy carriers. Built from durable canvas, leather, and steel parts, each bin is designed to suit your needs and last a lifetime. Use our Steele Canvas bin options to update and organize where you need it most.

Steele Supply Co., as it was originally known, got its start making special canvas carriers for New England's robust coal and textile trades. Despite stiff competition, Steele's quality and craftsmanship stood above the rest.

Over the years, Steele has worked with industries of all sorts, from hoteliers and shoemakers to the balloon designers for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day. We are proud to partner with them to provide classic offerings in updated, Rejuvenation-exclusive designs.

Below you'll see one of the early Steele Canvas catalog spreads from the 1920s, highlighting the original design's durability, construction, and value. The second image is from a 1940s catalog, featuring their popular elevated basket design, which remains a bestseller today.

Each bin features a durable steel frame, tough Canvas body, flat steel along the bottom for added support, and non-marking casters. Despite their solid build, Steele Canvas baskets are surprisingly light for easy transport between spaces, from hauling around tools to organizing laundry.


Every basket is made in America, offering a heritage storage solution that's designed to last. Our exclusive Steele Canvas designs feature stylish leather trim options, along with several other storage options, including log carriers, utility carriers, and stationary hampers.

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