Our West Slope, Bowman, and Reedway Collections shine in this perfectly pink bath.

When interior designer Anne Sage (@citysage) set out to design an Art Deco-inspired primary bath in her clients’ home in Los Angeles, she kept the home’s historic 1920s character in mind. With arches and curves woven into the architecture, the result is a space that’s both artful and elegant. It also features quite a few of our favorite designs.

Our Reedway Sconces add a touch of glamour to this double vanity.

Our classic Reedway Sconces were a major design inspiration for the space: providing warm, bright light and a sculptural touch. They set the mood and the contemporary tone for the space—influencing the lighting, hardware, and plumbing choices. Altogether, every piece adds to the soothing look and feel of the bath.

Our West Slope Wall Mounted Faucet in Aged Brass pops against the pink Fireclay Tile.

The plumbing highlights some of the finest pieces from our treasured West Slope Collection. “It's the perfect combination of clean and curvy, modern and vintage. Plus, the Aged Brass finish brings so much warmth to any space,” remarks Sage.

Upgrading the bath’s basic hardware to our Bowman Pulls created a seamless connection between the plumbing—and mimics the sleek, rounded edges of the arches that frame the shower.

Our Aged Brass finish adds a vintage-inspired look and matches across the lighting, hardware, and plumbing.
With a solid brass design, our Bowman Drawer Pull offers a simple, clean accent.

Design by @citysage and all photography by @monicawangphoto. Get more tips and inspiration for your bath refresh on our blog, The Handbook.