Since 1954, Mourne has hand-woven updated takes on traditional Irish textiles. Our collection features Irish tweed pillows and throws.

Mourne Textiles took Ireland by storm in the 1960s, when a Norwegian fabric designer, Gerd Hay-Edie, took a fresh look at traditional Irish weaving techniques. Mourne’s Mended Tweed became the hit of the mid-century fashion scene, thanks to its oversized threads. The cloth acquires its tactile, organic quality from traditionally spun pure Merino Donegal yarn. We are thrilled to offer it for your home.

‘Wild’ spun yarn from Donegal produces a highly textured, dappled appearance. Each throw is completely unique, durable, and rich in heritage.

These pillows and throws are still woven by hand at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.

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