A put-together dining room doesn’t always need a set of matching dining chairs. One easy way to refresh your space is to select a mix of timeless seating styles —adding an eclectic twist to your dining room, kitchen island, or outdoor dining area. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite ways to elevate your space.

Mix Materials

Put a new spin on a classic dining setup by mixing materials. Our Tuttle Collection comes in customizable caned and upholstered combinations—the iconic V-shaped solid wood legs add a distinctive design detail that keeps your seating arrangement feeling cohesive.

Our Tuttle Armchairs are an ideal option for table-end seating.

Pairing metal styles with classic wood chairs will give any space a cool modern feel. Strike a balance between contemporary and industrial by placing our steel-frame Cobb Stools next to the solid wood silhouette of our lovely, new Kelso Arm Chairs.

Style Tip: Thinking about pairing boldly different seating styles? Add contrast by placing the statement seats at the ends of your table. This positioning will draw the eye without making them feel out of place. This strategy also works with arm chairs—place one arm chair at either end of your table and the armless versions around the table.

Work With a Palette

Go for the unexpected by expanding your color palette. Our upholstered seating collections have over 40 premium fabric and leather options—select the same wood base for all your chairs and mix things up by customizing each chair with a different color upholstery.

To start planning your upholstered seats, follow our guide on How to Customize Your Upholstered Furniture.

Style Tip: Choose a minimalist frame that lets your upholstery take the spotlight. Our Broadbent Chairs feature a half-back wood frame that cradles the upholstered seat, while our Dexter Collection offers a simple modern style that works in any room.

Play with Silhouettes

Another fun way to add character is to play with your seating arrangement by gathering silhouettes that vary in shape and size. Choose chairs that are distinctive enough to look intentionally different—Weatherby’s traditional build sits nicely alongside the taller High Back Chair. To maintain cohesiveness, choose material colors that are the same, or similar, to keep focus on your dining table’s arrangement of silhouettes.

Design Tip: Make sure the leg heights of your chairs are uniform (one inch or less) to prevent dinner guests from sitting at different heights.

Frame With a Bench

Larger rectangular tables like our Colfax Rectangular Table can be made more interesting when you add a bench. A bench adds extra seating and frames your table. With a slatted seat and expertly turned legs, our Shaw Bench offers a stylish solid walnut frame. Customize yours with an upholstered cushion in premium fabric or leather. Benches also work well in outdoor dining spaces—our Ronde Bench is crafted from environmentally-friendly FSC-Certified™ teak that will develop a beautiful patina over time and last for years to come.

Pair our Ronde Bench with its matching dining table for the perfect outdoor dining area.

Bring Character with Vintage Pieces

For seating with a story, our Antiques & Vintage shop has an eclectic selection of seating styles that will add endless character to your home. Find one-of-a-kind pieces to customize your dining set or add just one or two pieces for an authentic and interesting heirloom touch.

Make your space pop with a one-of-a-kind vintage stool to include at your kitchen counter.

Explore our wide variety of dining chair collections—our Design Crew is always available online or at your nearest location to help plan your space.

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