For a casually elegant update, refresh your dining space with a mix of beautifully built seating. From handcrafted bentwood chairs to a bold high back bench seat, choose from an array of options to curate your space. Using a mix of seating styles instead of a matching set will add a unique, heirloom quality to your dining room.

Swap in Timeless Chair Silhouettes
Update your existing dining furniture with a new set of classic chairs. Our High Back dining chair and Saddle Seat chairs are handcrafted in west Virginia from locally sourced hardwoods.

The seamless, curved design offers a refreshed take on a traditional silhouette, making it a great option that can transition into any space.

For a classic chair with history, our Czech-made Ton seating features delicately curved backrests, created by steam-bending techniques that were originally developed in the 1860s. Learn more about this historic furniture-making method in our post about the Brief History of Bentwood Furniture.

Add Character with Vintage Pieces
When you have a mix of one or two dining chair styles, adding in a few vintage décor pieces will help create a well-curated, cohesive feel. Whether it’s a vintage kilim rug or a set of paintings, restored vintage items bring a sense of history and character to any room. In a streamlined space, the intricate details of a woven rug can add just the right amount of color. For infusing personality into a dining room, consider placing one or two frames of vintage artwork up on the wall; it adds a conversation piece without overwhelming the space.

Incorporate Texture with Upholstery
In our Northwest Modern dining space, our leather Walters lounge chair and ottoman creates an inviting and relaxed feel. Keep your collection of dining chairs simple, then add warmth and interest to the room with an upholstered accent, like a decorative side chair or ottoman.

Shop our handcrafted collection of timeless chairs, plus stay on the lookout for authentic vintage chairs in our Antiques & Vintage shop!

Still searching for a dining table to complete your setup? Shop our dining tables and find out what size is best for your space with our video below.