For an easy update that will elevate any room, consider installing a wall light. Whether it's for your bathroom vanity or on either side of the bed, wall sconces will add timeless style and versatile lighting to your space. We offer a wide range of plug-in wall lights, from elegant designs with glass shades to Mid-Century Modern-inspired sconces. Once you've picked your favorite, see our guide below for how to install a plug-in sconce.

1. Decide on sconce placement

Ideal placement will depend on the function of your light and the room you're putting it in. For bedside lighting, we recommend placing sconces about 30 inches above your nightstand, but it's also up to your aesthetic preference based on your headboard and nightstand style.

In a dining room or living space, consider using a set of sconces to frame a sideboard or fireplace mantel. Install around 65-70 inches from the floor, ensuring placement doesn't cause glare from the bulb when standing or sitting nearby.

2. Mark drill holes for the mounting plate

Once you've measured twice, it's time to mark the spot you need to drill. Place the mounting plate on the wall and use a pencil to make a small mark on the top and bottom screw hole spots. If you're installing two sconces, make sure to do this step for both before drilling and check that they will be level with each other.

3. Drill into wall & screw in mounting plate

Now it's time to drill! Use a stud-finder to find a stud behind the wall to drill into, or use wall anchors instead. Once you've drilled the holes, screw the mounting plate onto the wall.

4. Attach light fixture to mounting plate

Once the mounting plate is secure on the wall, attach the light fixture and tighten the set screws around the fixture to secure it to the wall.

5. Plug it in!

Now all that's left to do is plug in your light! If you want the cord to hang straight on the wall and your outlet isn't directly below the light, try using an extension cord.

Shop our plug-in wall sconce selection to find a versatile lighting solution for your space.