From family living rooms to cozy dens, the shared spaces in your home are defined by their comfort and style. Your choice of sofa is paramount to laying the groundwork for creating an inviting and beautiful room. We offer a wide range of sofas and sectionals in a variety of styles and configurations to fit the needs of every space and lifestyle. Follow our guide to get started customizing a   sofa  that is made for you and made to last.

Choose Your Style

Whether it’s Mid-Century or Scandinavian-inspired modern designs, the furniture you choose will define the aesthetic of your space. Build your piece by pairing a timeless silhouette with details that speak to your style of choice.

Our Sauvie Classic is our most premium option to date, with the highest-quality memory foam added in the arms for extra pillowy softness.

With an elegant silhouette, our Svenson Sofa features an exposed tapered frame inspired by Mid-Century Danish design, crafted from sustainably sourced solid walnut and high-quality cushioning. For a plush, ultra-comfortable option that will work with any style, our Wrenton, Sublimity, and Hawthorne collections are ideal.

Tufting: Tufting is a popular upholstery style that features tightly stitched layers of fabric secured by buttons, knots, or left bare, to achieve a patterned effect. Our popular Hastings style is designed with handsomely tufted seats in a modern, upright silhouette, while our Monrowe Collection features a diamond tufted back and elegant curved silhouette. For a unique take on tufting, turn to our Whidbey Collection—each channel ridge on the back cushion is individually hand-folded to ensure the finest quality comfort.

Sustainably Sourced and Handcrafted: Every upholstered piece is designed for comfort—constructed with coils tucked between the foam and down-filled back cushions. Our upholstered furniture collections are handcrafted from domestic hardwood frames that are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) standards, and are assembled to order in the USA.

See our guide on How to Choose the Right Sofa to determine which style and size is the best for you.

Select Your Size & Function

When choosing a sofa, the size and build will be determined by your lifestyle and needs. Decide on the length, width and seat depth, and how you plan to use your piece.

Our Sublimity Collection is available in a variety of sofa and sectional configurations.

Sofa: A classic option for spaces both large and small, sofas offer an elegant, traditional look. For a sophisticated sitting room set-up, consider two standard sofas facing each other.

Sectional: A family room and TV room staple, sectionals combine everyday comfort with elevated style. Choose from several sizes and configurations to suit your space perfectly; our Wrenton Sectional comes in several customizable size options, with modular 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece, and 6-piece collections.

  • Left Chaise vs. Right Chaise: Choose the best option depending on the layout of your living space. When facing the front of the sofa, left chaise means the chaise is on the left side, and right chaise means the chaise is on the right.
  • Corner Sectional: Many of our sectionals come in three configurations: left-arm, right-arm, and U-shaped. This denotes which arm is the longer side, which may determine how you end up placing the sofa within the layout of your space. The left-arm sectional provides more seating along the left side, while the right-arm sectional provides more seating along the right side. U-shaped sectionals feature full length seating along both sides, leaving the perfect amount of space for a coffee table or floor pillows. Modular collections are available for the ultimate customized set-up to best suit your space.


Sleeper Sofa: A sensible choice for smaller spaces, sleeper sofas provide comfortable pull-out beds that can be put away during the day for extra seating. A steel pull-out mechanism makes it easy to expand the sofa seat into a full or queen-size mattress.

Sleeper sofas sleekly hide away beds, optimal for smaller spaces that can be easily converted into guest rooms.

Chair: The perfect complement to any living area, bedroom or den. Decide on one statement chair—or a pair—then add an ottoman. With an inviting silhouette and tufted back, our Monrowe Chair is a beautiful choice to accentuate reading corners. For more of a lounging experience, our Glenn Recliner Chair features a pop-out footrest and sleek Mid-Century design. Another easy way to incorporate upholstered chairs in your home is by furnishing your dining room with a set of matching seats—our Dexter and Tuttle Collections are both timeless options with coordinating side and armchairs to complete your set.

Don't forget dining seats–create your own coordinated set in your choice of fabric.

For sofas and sectionals, select your seat depth to your level of comfort. Choose from Studio, Classic or Luxe.

  • Studio: Standard 21"—22” for a more upright position.
  • Classic: Semi-deep 25"—26” for a comfortable ergonomic option.
  • Luxe: Deep 29” for the ultimate lounging sofa or sectional.

Pick Your Fabric or Leather

Now that you’ve chosen your look and style, it’s time to choose your upholstery from our selection of over 50 premium upholstery options. Consider what the right upholstery will add to your home, based on your lifestyle and members of your household.

Cozy seating is a key accent for any living room.

Fabric is a classic option that works for many spaces. Durable performance flannel and microsuede holds up to the daily wear and tear of a busy household, while luxurious velvet and boucle are beautiful choices for smaller homes. For a refined and lived-in finish, our 100% leather options are prized for their natural longevity and are carefully sourced from Italy, Thailand, and New Zealand. See our Guide to Upholstered Furniture for more details on our fabric options. Request free swatches to get started.

Shop our upholstered furniture collections to start customizing your sofa.