Your sofa or sectional is the centerpiece of your living room. It’s where you’ll spend time entertaining guests, watching your favorite show, or unwinding after a long day. Choosing the right piece is key in determining your room’s aesthetic and function. We offer a range of sofa and sectional styles and configurations so you can find the perfect option for your home.

Let Function Lead

Consider the size of your space, and how it will be used. Will your living room be a place for lounging with your family or hosting large cocktail parties? This will determine if you need a modular sectional with room for everyone, or if a comfortable loveseat will suffice.

Next, take a closer look at your layout. Where will you enter and leave the room? Which areas need to be accessible because of a fireplace or window? Try and draw out logical pathways and allow this to be a guiding factor in the placement of your sofa.

Our Grant Leather Ottomans are a versatile and decorative addition as a comfortable footrest or extra casual seating.

Next, you’ll want to determine what size sofa you’ll need. When considering how many people your sofa can hold, the number of cushions is more important than the actual length of the sofa. For example, if your sofa is 90 inches with two cushions, you probably wouldn’t seat three people on it even though there would be ample room. However, an 80-inch sofa with three cushions could seat three.

Project Tip: Many sofas also serve as comfortable nap spots—if this is the case in your household, order a sofa that is at least six inches longer than the tallest member of your household.

Modular sofas, like our Wrenton Collection, make it easy to customize and configure your sectional to best fit your space.

Optimize for Your Space

Be sure to measure for your sofa in advance—the last thing you want is to discover that you chose the wrong size sofa when it’s being delivered and doesn’t fit through your front door. Measure your sofa's width (side-to-side), depth (back-to-front), and height (bottom-to-top). Compare these measurements with the height, width, and depth of your entryway, doorway, and any hallway corners to ensure a smooth delivery.

Design Tip: Choose a rug size that is wide enough to fit under the front legs of your sofa, and long enough to include additional seating to complete your sitting area.

Project Tip: Once you’ve determined it will fit in your home, take note of these measurements to make sure your sofa will work in your space:

16-18” This is the ideal distance between coffee table and sofa. You’ll want to be able to walk around your coffee table, but also kick your feet up after a long day. Additionally, your coffee table will pair well with your sofa visually if it is at least half its length.

8-10” – A comfortable distance between each person seated on a sofa. Often overlooked, the optimal space between you and your guests will allow everyone to converse with ease.

30-36” – Typical amount of space for walkways between furniture. This will help reduce overcrowding in your living room and make the space feel breathable. Long sectionals are beautiful, but won’t feel quite at home if you don’t have enough room to comfortably move around them.

3-5” – Breathing room between your sofa and the wall. It may seem counterintuitive, but bringing your sofa away from the wall will make your space feel larger.

Create a dynamic space by choosing two different furniture styles with matching wood finishes.

Customize Your Style

Customize your sofa or sectional with our carefully sourced selection of velvets, twills, linens, and leathers. The right upholstery can completely transform the look of your sofa, so think about your style and what material is best for your lifestyle. Do you have a busy household where you’ll need something durable? As a tightly woven blend, our performance flannel, chenille, and boucle are easy to spot clean and will keep up with your family’s busy lifestyle. If your household is pet and kid-free, your options are endless. See our Guide to Upholstered Furniture Fabrics for more details, or request free swatches to start your project.


Every space is different, which is why we offer a range of seating styles and configurations, so you can find the right option for your home. From oversized sectionals to compact sofas, all of our furniture are expertly crafted with high quality materials to be enjoyed for years to come.

Get started on a custom piece with our guide on How to Customize Your Upholstered Furniture. If you’re looking for a sofa without the wait, explore our selection of in-stock upholstered furniture.