Terrafirma Ceramics is a working pottery studio located in the heart of New York City, designing and producing handmade American art pottery. Known for its unique dinnerware and tabletop accessories, Terrafirma was founded in 1980 by artist Ellen Evans. Her goal is to design tableware that enriches the presentation of food and makes an elegant statement. Our collection by Terrafirma reflects that same sentiment, displaying one-of-a-kind patterns and showcasing each item’s own personality in a way that could only be done by hand.

Terrafirma pieces are kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures, producing slight variations in color, texture, and surface blushing that are the natural and desired result of the hand-building and high-firing process. This makes them highly durable and assures each piece of its individuality. Each piece is completely free of heavy metals and toxins, and is handmade, signed, and dated by the artist.

Ideal for serving appetizers, organizing a countertop, displaying decorative items, or showcasing a lovely home cooked meal, these trays make an excellent addition to any kitchen or tabletop.

Thoughtful design meets beautiful craftsmanship with Terrafirma Ceramics. Shop the collection here.