The three-tiered Greenwich Chandelier multi-drop is perfect for larger entry spaces.

Inspired by Mid-Century French designs, our Greenwich Collection features elegant brass construction and a minimalist design that highlights its subtle materiality. Designed by our in-house lighting designer, Shannon Donnelly, the collection juxtaposes the bold graphic feel of bent brass with an open, airy playfulness.

The chandelier is available with single, double, or triple tiers. “The double tier is what I consider standard for dining and living spaces, while the triple tier is perfect for larger, more formal, dining spaces with higher ceilings and double-height entry spaces,” says Lighting Designer, Shannon Donnelly.

“Our goal with Greenwich was to create a statement chandelier that can fill grander spaces,” explains Rejuvenation’s VP Creative Director, Evan Dublin. “We pushed the proportions of the metal to be as thin as possible so that it feels light and airy—and draws the eye in with subtle details and the beauty of the natural alabaster.”

Greenwich is composed of opal glass shades that look like little rounded lightbulbs, nestled into opal glass or alabaster globes that gently diffuse the light.

The fixture features rounded glass shades that are gently nestled into bowls crafted from opal glass or alabaster—for a design that embodies period style with a delicate modern twist. And while the highlight of the collection might be the Greenwich Chandelier, our Greenwich Sconces are also showstoppers—stunning wall lights that provide a beautiful source of illumination on their own or function as support lighting when paired together with the chandelier. To round out the Greenwich Collection, we designed a coordinating set of solid brass hardware inspired by the lighting collection's rounded forms and gentle curves.

The single, double, or triple sconces are perfect for wall lighting in a range of spaces around your home, from the dining room to the bathroom.

The use of opal glass gives the Greenwich a sleek modern look, while alabaster, a natural material, gives the fixture a more elevated formality.

Assembled to order and finished by hand at our factory in Portland, Oregon, you can customize your Greenwich Chandelier by ordering the length of the drop to fit the exact measurements of your space, and with your choice of opal glass or alabaster bowls. Each alabaster bowl is hand-carved by artisans in Italy and features unique variations in the veining of the stone that is part of the material’s inherent beauty. “The alabaster gives the fixture an elevated formality and adds a softer glow as the light diffuses through the stone,” explains Shannon. “The matte finish of the alabaster also beautifully contrasts with the opal glass, emphasizing the two distinct forms—however, the opal on opal is also very special. The use of the same material makes the shape of the light appear more unified.” Whichever material or style you choose, the Greenwich Collection is sure to make a timeless statement in any space in your home.

The shade of our new Greenwich is polished before finishing.

Greenwich is assembled to order by hand at our Portland factory.

The delicate beauty of the opal glass bowl.

With the delicate mix of materials and the repetition of the arms, each chandelier—from the single tier to the triple tier—feels like a lovely, luminous statement that adds timeless style to any space in your home.

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