Create an inviting dining room with the addition of our Burrage Chandelier.

An updated take on a traditional cage chandelier, our Burrage Collection features an elegant, open design and an elevated, polished look. Available as a pendant or a chandelier, Burrage was designed by our in-house lighting team and its timeless, geometric silhouette fits equally well into both classic or more modern interiors.

Simple with clean lines and perfect 90-degree angles, the Burrage Pendant is ideal for low-ceiling spaces like an entryway.

Burrage boasts an inner fixture that’s a contemporary twist on typical candelabra clusters. Featuring sleek, bare bulbs, both style fixtures adds depth and character to a variety of spaces. The pendant is ideal for a dining nook or entryway as it features a simple, unobtrusive cube frame that holds the light fixture, while the elongated, rectangular shape of the chandelier is perfect for more formal dining rooms.

Defined by clean lines, Burrage features an open box frame which lends a more traditional look to the fixture.

While most box frame fixtures on the market are made from bent sheet or square stock metal that is welded together, our design highlights the higher quality construction achieved at our Portland factory. Burrage is crafted in brass—a metal chosen for its durability and one that we use across our lighting and hardware collections. The corners of the top and bottom of each frame are welded together at 90-degree angles to create a more streamlined assembly, then four long screws are placed through each rod to connect the two pieces. The result is a frame with no visible fasteners that showcases perfect symmetry. To create the candelabra cluster that floats at the center, the design team juxtaposed stacked geometric forms with the surrounding delicate box frame.


A Rejuvenation exclusive, Burrage is made-to-order at our Portland factory: hand finished and carefully assembled piece by piece.


The solid brass frame is finely sanded before applied with one of our eight exclusive finishes, including Aged Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel.


Like many of our lighting collections, you can customize Burrage to suit the exact needs of your space—from your choice of finish to pendant length, you can create a unique look for any room in your home.

Get started on your customization journey with the help of our Design Crew.

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