Designed in Portland and assembled at our Portland factory, Blaine adds a modern touch to any style home.

From modern to traditional, our lighting collections represent a wide variety of styles, inspired by stylistic eras and designs from around the globe. Creating a new collection is the result of research, planning, and plenty of experimentation to get the look and construction just right. That’s why it’s always exciting to debut a new light—and we’re especially thrilled to introduce our new Blaine Pendant.

The Mid-Century style of our Blaine Pendant pairs perfectly with the sleek, modern look of our Paige Can Light.

Featuring a glass shade that supports an elegant, angled metal shade—Blaine casts a warm glow both above and below the fixture creating a source of ambient light throughout your room. In designing Blaine, our Senior Lighting Designer, Brandon Jorgenson, and the Rejuvenation Design Team looked to Mid-Century Nordic designs, and took inspiration from classic silhouettes, and iconic designers such as Louis Poulsen and Alvar Aalto. The team took note of the way designs from this time period played with light sculpturally, softly deflecting light in multiple directions. With these concepts in mind, we developed Blaine—a pendant light with a twist. “Our idea was to hang a metal shade off of a glass shade, allowing the light to illuminate the interior shade as well as provide a glow from above,” explains Rejuvenation’s Creative Director, Evan Dublin.

“Blaine is a warm, harmonious design that is functional but also playful and sculptural,” explains Dublin.

The design challenge was making sure everything was equally balanced so that the light would hang level and be symmetrical. To solve this, the team designed a shoulder on the glass shade that the metal shade could rest on top of.

The result is a light that’s both playful and functional while also capturing the essence of a covetable Mid-Century Scandinavian aesthetic. Stunning on its own, and even more beautiful in multiples, Blaine seamlessly pairs with a range of interior styles.


Featuring a glass shade with a metal shade that rests on top, Blaine’s two-shade construction contributes to its unique silhouette, casting both upward and downward light.

Joining our collection of colorful metal shade pendants, Blaine’s color palette features Matte Rosemary and Matte White as well as two trend-forward colors: Matte Mist Blue and Matte Pine. “We’ve seen this trend of ‘bringing the outside in’ through the use of softer greens and blues in interior spaces,” notes Rejuvenation’s Textile & Color Designer, Courtney Crews. “Matte Mist Blue and Matte Rosemary are similar tones, while Matte Pine is darker and gives off an earthy Pacific Northwest vibe.”

Blaine is inspired by iconic Mid-Century Danish and Finnish designs.

Pressed to name his preferred color way, Evan struggles to pick a favorite. “I love the brass, but if I were to pick a painted shade I would probably go with white—it really blends with the opal glass shade and is a beautiful balance of neutrals,” he says. "The white version also comes with a white down rod—which simplifies the design even more.”


Whether you opt for a classic brass shade or a more colorful finish, every finish is applied by hand by our expert craftspeople at our Portland factory.

Assembled to order and finished by hand at our Portland factory, Blaine is available in two sizes, 11-inch or 16-inch size, five finishes, and five painted shade colors. Blaine is ideal on its own (think a single statement piece over a dining nook) or in multiples over a well-planned kitchen island.

Start customizing your Blaine Pendant today—and if you need help measuring, get free one-on-one design advice from our Design Crew.

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