Introducing the Yeon Collection, a complete line of pendants and sconces.

Last year, Rejuvenation's design team visited the Aubrey Watzek House, a Portland architectural icon designed by John Yeon, who is considered by many to have begun the Northwest Modern movement.

It would not be an overstatement to say we found Yeon's aesthetic stunning. It pairs the function-forward ethos of early Modern design with the reverence for natural materials and craftsmanship essential to the Arts and Crafts movement.

It struck us how inspired this combination is (why choose between the simplicity of modernism and the lushness of the natural world when you can have both?), as well as how much "of" the Pacific Northwest it feels. That is thanks, in large part, to the local wood used (Douglas and Noble Fir, among others), and the way it marries the natural world with the world of the home.

Our designers first re-created a light Yeon made from a Japanese fishing buoy to hang in the Watzek courtyard. They brought the Yeon Pendant to life using handblown glass, while retaining original touches like the trident hanging system and exposed fasteners.

The original Yeon Globe pendant, the first of our Yeon Collection

Then our designers and engineers set out to create a line that was true to Yeon's vision. And thus was born the Yeon collection. Sconces and pendants whose unadorned geometry, honest materials, and precise engineering and crafting would, we hope, make John Yeon proud.

The difference is in the details

In order to do that, we start with the best materials, which in this case is a mix of solid brass (for strength), cast aluminum (for lightness), and glass handblown by our trusted glassmaking partners in West Virginia.

Because the beauty of these pieces lies in precision, our engineers spent months ensuring that the glass would fit snugly within the shadeholder. To do that, they created a special endcap and notched joinery which holds it tightly in place.

The Yeon: designed, engineered, and assembled right here in Portland.

The Yeon is equally fetching in Polished Nickel. Note the pendant's mixed-finish trident.

Explore the Yeon collection and experience the special something that is Northwest Modern.