Rejuvenation Vintage Spotlight: Welcome to Wall Décor

One of the missions of the Rejuvenation Vintage department is to preserve and refresh the items that come our way. We pride ourselves in our standards of restoration, going to any length to give new life to our antiques.

In our continuous endeavor to protect the artifacts we find, we set our sights on the most delicate treasure of all: Art. Paper and canvas are, by their very organic natures, ephemeral. In order to properly maintain each piece we built our own in-house frame shop. This allows us to design custom-frames, shadow boxes and specialty housings, all in the name of protecting these fragile objects. From historic maps to original paintings, from panoramic photographs to hand-woven tapestries, our new Vintage Wall Décor category offers incredible variety, but also one commonality: every piece we restore is ready for another lifetime of enjoyment.

Enhancing the Old

The new frames we build have a singular agenda: to celebrate the historic art and artifacts, without drawing focus from the original pieces. Because of this, we carefully select mouldings and mats that are simple, but complimentary. We hang all of our pieces with lightweight, UV-treated plexi-glass, so that they are protected from harmful light – the most dangerous enemy of painted or printed material.

Historic and Original

Many of the pieces we find are still mounted in their original frames. In these cases, we completely clean the frame, restore it as needed, fit it with a new back and hanging wire and install UV-treated plexi-glass. The vintage framing is often as unique as the art work itself. Here are a few of our favorites:

Take a tour of our Vintage Art & Wall Decor department, and keep an eye out for more treasures to come!