For Rejuvenation Antiques & Vintage, the hunt for each artifact is just as important as the item’s history. Our talented team of buyers travels the country in search of the right mix of objects: from opulent to functional, we’re looking for anything with a story to tell.

Recently, our buying team spent 10 days in Texas at the Round Top Antique Show, which boasts the title of “World’s Largest Outdoor Antique Show” (a name also claimed by the Brimfield Antique Show of Brimfield, Massachusetts). Antique fairs are fast-paced whirl winds, with thousands of items and just as many people trying to buy them. In order to succeed in this world you have to follow your gut, making lightning-quick judgments on the potential of each antique -- all while competing with other buyers, the weather and the fire ants.

Items found in Antique Show fields are often just shadows of their former selves. Take a look at the carcass of this eight-light billiard chandelier:

Our buyers saw potential in its bones and brought it back so that our restoration team could breathe life into it again. The results are stunning:

With no stone unturned and no booths unvisited, we pack up our truck of found treasures and head home to Portland, Oregon, where the restoration begins.

See the fully resurrected Eight-Light Billiard Chandelier and all of our other one-of-a-kind finds, now available at