Our collection of antique lighting is one of the largest and most diverse in the country. Every item is restored by hand by our Antiques & Vintage craftspeople, based on our team's expert knowledge of antique designs. We work to find pieces that represent every historic and stylistic era, from early converted gas-powered chandeliers to colorful Modernist pendants. Here are a few of our favorite eras and antique lighting styles explained below.

Mid-Century Modern lighting

Mid-Century Modern

Natural materials often paired with unique forms and futuristic styling during the Mid-Century design movement. This vintage sconce pivots from a wall-mounted teak bracket, and features a lathe-carved teak shade holder with a frosted glass globe shade.

  • Form follows function for this style
  • Streamlined silhouettes inspired by both geometric and organic forms
  • Lack of ornamentation

industrial lighting


1920s - 1940s
Although Industrial is a stylistic era, its time period ranges from before the turn of the century through the 1940s. Industrial typically refers more to function than to the time period. This wall-mounted vintage task lamp would have lit a workstation at a factory or garage, and today it brings character and industrial style to any space.

  • A focus on function and utility before style
  • Durable materials like metal, steel, and brass
  • Streamlined, simple designs with unique functionality

Art Deco lighting

Art Deco

1920s - 1930s
Art Deco lighting features intricate patterns and elegant materials to evoke the luxurious style of this infamous era. The glamour of the Hollywood golden age is apparent in this vintage pendant above, which features an intricate opalescent shade and an equally ornate cast fixture.

  • A unique mix of geoemtric lines and elegant materials
  • Intricate patterns and detailwork throughout the fixture
  • Reflective accents, cast brass, and glass shades

classical lighting

Classical Revival

Mid 1800s to early 1900s
Classical Revival draws inspiration from the gilt and glamour of 17th century France. Crystal is a hallmark of the Classical Revival movement, which often treats its lighting with some favorite ancient detailing, like acanthus leaf, Greek Key, and wave motifs.

  • Inspired by gilded designs and luxurious materials
  • Intricate patterns featuring filigree designs and Greek motifs
  • A mix of original gas fixtures and converted electric lights

victorian lighting


Mid-to-late 1800s
A transitional period for lights, the Victorian era saw the shift from gas-power to electricity. This incredible Civil-War era 2-arm pendant above was originally lit by gas, but we converted it to electric for the modern age. Silhouettes are usually curved and flowing, complete with intricate carvings inspired by both Western and Eastern history.

  • Intricate, flowing detailwork on fixtures and shades
  • Candelabra-style bulbs and converted gas designs
  • Glass shades with etchings, frosted finishes, and colorful art

Our team ensures each light is revitalized and restored for another life of beauty and use. See more examples of our favorite historic eras, and our complete collection of antique lighting at