After our buyers source antique products both locally and around the world, the best items journey back to our restoration shop in Portland, Oregon. Our department of expert craftspeople specialize in revitalizing vintage items. Each piece is cleaned and refurbished to the highest possible standard, whether it's a 19th century light that needs to be rewired or Mid-Century chairs that require reupholstering.

Each piece is restored one at a time, so we keep a “living archive” of on-hand inventory, waiting to be brought back to life. Every antique light we offer is disassembled and cleaned—then rewired when necessary. We strive to use all original parts and components, but if an original part is damaged or missing, our restoration experts will find a similar period part to substitute. When we restore lights or hardware and the finish is renewed, we often coat them with a layer of clear lacquer, which preserves the finish and keeps the patina looking just right (and seals off any lead content).

Below, you'll see a snapshot of our restoration shop and the warehouse shelves. This warehouse is home to our expansive vintage archive, which includes more than 2000 items, refreshed online weekly. We carry a variety of vintage shades to match antique fixtures, along with a huge selection of vintage lighting, hardware, furniture, and more.


Along with our world travels, here in the U.S., we always go to the Brimfield and Round Top Antiques Fairs. Then, every item that passes through our shop has been hand-restored by a member of the Antiques & Vintage team. We hope you can feel the pride that we put into each of our pieces, as we work to carry on the original craftsmanship and character of each one.

Vintage pieces have already stood the test of time, so you know they are reliable and will transcend trends. Every item has its own unique story. For example, in the image below, you can see our woodshop craftsman Andrii discovered a secret compartment in a tabletop filing cabinet. This vertical drawer was well hidden by a matching panel strip to help keep valuables extra safe!


Explore our complete collection of carefully restored antique lighting, vintage furniture and historic decor at rejuvenation.com, and follow us on Instagram at @rejuvenationvintage for the latest happenings at the restoration shop!